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Hey everyone, today I wanted to talk all about the Bullet Journal! I started my first Journal about three weeks ago and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. Before I wanted to get into how my own journal is going, I decided to put together this list of Blogs/ Blog Posts that deal with different aspects of the Bullet Journal. It also includes lots of resources for anyone writing and starting a Journal.

I’m going to be doing lots of blog posts on my own Bullet Journal experience soon, but if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some previews of some of the pages! I am having so much fun in creating the ultimate planner for myself and my blog and I am finding it so helpful in my everyday. It’s become almost like a hobby for me at this point and the time spent writing and drawing is very therapeutic. If you haven’t started a bullet journal already, I really recommend it!

Reading the following blogs is going to seriously make the Bullet Journal process so much easier for you!

1. BulletJournal.com

Bulletjournal.com is a site specifically for the Bullet Journal. It deals with almost every aspect of the BuJo you can think of! I absolutely love how it talks about a specific topic and showcases different examples from other BuJo enthusiasts. It also gives an example of Ryder Carroll (the creator of the BuJo) and his method for approaching the topic!

2. Zen of Planning

Zen of Planning is a creative blog that has a whole section specifically for the Bullet Journal! I love the colourful approach to the Journal from this blog and the level of detail in each different section.

3. BuJos and Java

BuJos and Java is an amazing Bullet Journal Blog. It has a huge amount of resources and posts dedicated to helping you plan your BuJo from start to finish! I love how much information on the Bullet Journal is available here, you’ll never be stuck for ideas again!

4. Planning Routine

Planning Routine is another creative blog specialising in the Bullet Journal and being more organised! This post is all about Collection and List Ideas!

5. Notey.com

Notey.com isn’t as Bullet Journal focused as some of the other sites, however I loved this post with 20 Tips for keeping your BuJo organised!

6. Little Coffee Fox

Little Coffee Fox is a blogger that posts very often about the Bullet Journal! Her blog is so bright and colourful and includes an Etsy store where you can buy items that will help your Bullet Journal Journey. This post includes a whopping 40 Things you can put into your Habit Tracker!

7. Sublime Perfection

Sublime Perfection is another lovely blog with a full section dedicated to the Bullet Journal. This post about her favourite pages for 2016 really helped me to get started with my journal. I love how packed with pictures and examples her blog posts are!

8. Follow the Colours

Follow the Colours is a great place to find the more detailed Bullet Journal Posts. This post here explains some of the more complicated Indexes and Codes you can work with to create a much more personal journal experience.

9. Band Aids Don’t Fix Bullet Journals.

If your like tumblr, you are going to love this blog all about the Bullet Journal! This Journal in particular includes some very creative wallet space towards the end for holding things which I really like the idea of!

10. Productive and Pretty

The last featured blog is Productive and Pretty, a blog dedicated to Productivity! This post is all about Handwriting Practice which I included as essential reading before you start your Bullet Journal. It’s very important to mix up your handwriting to keep it interesting for yourself and easier to read!

I hope some of these blogs inspire you to create the best Bullet Journal you could imagine! It definitely takes a lot of work and commitment to maintain a Bullet Journal but it helps me to stay more organised than any electronic device could, that’s for sure!

What do you think of the Bullet Journal? Let me know in the comments!

Maggie x


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  1. Thank you for including my blog, Bujos and Java, in this amazing list! Beautifully written and resourceful post. I’ll be sharing this!

  2. Thank you so much! I’m a big fan of your blog! X

  3. I’m so honored to be part of your list. Bullet journalers unite!!

  4. Aww no worries I love your blog! X

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