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    Stress: What are we going to do about it?

    It’s no secret we’re living in a very hectic and stressful age. We’re very busy people, struggling to relax in a rapidly changing world. The weird thing about the levels of stress feel is we do not live in a period of intense world war, famine etc. live many of our ancestors. Yet, it does seem like we’re collectively more hyped – up than ever.

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    Things to get you Annoyed by 11am

    Okay, who else is a bit of a grouch before their morning coffee? I’ll raise both hands right now because that’s me. If I’m home and have nothing to do, I’m sweet as pie but it’s those busy days that get me. You wouldn’t believe the amount of things that can tick a person off when they have places to be. Now pair that with no coffee and you have yourself a monster in the making!

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    Are We Supposed to Still Look Up to Hollywood?

    Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few weeks will have heard about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The amount of stories about this man’s conduct is enough to shake anybody to the core. I will start off by saying there is certain aspects of this horrific scandal that I struggle with. Firstly, if the shock of hearing that such a pig was carrying out these acts wasn’t enough, it seems to have been one of Hollywood’s dirty little secrets for quite a while.