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    Playing Now: Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain

    This post *may*¬†contain some minor spoilers for The Phantom Pain! Nothing to ruin your experience if you haven’t played if before. I will only be talking about different locations and characters within the game as I have played so far. I won’t be spoiling any big game plot points as I wouldn’t be comfortable ruining a game for someone. The first time I tried to play The Phantom Pain, I was overwhelmed. I was really bad at shooters, I had no concept of stealth. I was a pro only at equipping the chicken hat. I gave it a chance but I don’t think I was ready for the vast amount…

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    How to take Stunning Blog Photos on a Budget!

    This post is going to be super helpful for those who are not too used to taking photos! I am refraining from speaking about more intermediate photographic elements, but I will do a intermediate post soon for those who know there way around shooting manually and using PhotoShop. I’m a big believer in blogging the way you want to. I think you should never write or do something for your blog a certain way just because someone else is doing it. However, sometimes there’s things we can do to make our blogs a bit more unique, and pop a little more!

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    Blogged Down with Controversy, Two Bloggers Discuss

    Written by Margaret Shalloe & Jessica Sinnott Today, I am bringing you a collaboration with one of my best friends and favourite bloggers, Jess! Jess runs Me, My Blog and I and we’re going to discuss some of the issues facing blogger’s lately. We begin writing in a calm Starbucks environment in Waterford City, on a cold and rainy Friday morning. The table is a perfect size for both laptops, and the coffees sit nicely. I decided on having a chocolate muffin, expensive (as Starbucks is, sorry Starbucks – I love you regardless!) but needed, for the energy boost. We decide pretty quickly to discuss blogging, as we both have…

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    Hair Miracles – What I Swear By!

    I love bleaching my hair, but bleach doesn’t really love me back. Anyone that works on their hair without the help of salon experts will know this. I have been working on my own hair for years, and it’s not that I have a fear of hairdressers or anything of the sort – I just really like experimenting with my own mop! I’m not recommending that everyone bleach the crap out of their hair, but let’s be honest; a lot of us do!

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    5 Blogging “Advice” posts that grind my gears.

    Blogging tips you read sometimes are full of crap. They just are. You go into blogging knowing that people get paid to create content to help others blog better. You decide to pick an article with lots of shares or re-pins and open it feeling overwhelmed. How much money do I need to invest? I need to do whaaat? I need to post 200 times a day?¬†Yeah, suddenly blogging doesn’t seem so great now does it?

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    Easy ways to get over a Creative Hump

    We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Blinking cursors and blank pages. The creative hump, striking fear into your heart. It honestly does annoy me when this happens. I could be working so hard all week, writing, drawing – all sorts. Then, the burnout sets in. It’s only natural for anyone with a creative mind to have an idea drought. This happens to writers, bloggers, artists – literally anyone whose jobs or hobbies lie in a creative field. I definitely find myself lacking motivation and in search of ways to kick-start my creative juices, as they say. Here are just a few ways that you can easily light a spark under…

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    Self Care in an age of Self Doubt

    We live in a weird time. We feel worse about ourselves than ever. A lot of that comes with seeing unrealistic images of grandeur plastered all over the internet. There’s nothing at all wrong with portraying a good version of your life online, sure we all do that. It’s just some people’s accounts of their lives happen to be way filtered. All you see is bright pink and puppies, and it can make your own life seem shabby grey.

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    The Reality of Being an Introvert

    Like, it’s not just ‘being shy’. Forever ago, I wrote about being an Introvert. It was a time where I was pretty okay at writing for my blog, but I also wasn’t past the threshold of saying whatever the fuck I like on my blog. See, I just dropped an F-bomb there for effect. Now though, I’m a little wiser and life has not been afraid to show me who’s boss.