Playing Now: Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain

This post *may*┬ácontain some minor spoilers for The Phantom Pain! Nothing to ruin your experience if you haven’t played if before. I will only be talking about different locations and characters within the game as I have played so far. I won’t be spoiling any big game plot points as I wouldn’t be comfortable ruining …

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Blogging Photography

How to take Stunning Blog Photos on a Budget!

This post is going to be super helpful for those who are not too used to taking photos! I am refraining from speaking about more intermediate photographic elements, but I will do a intermediate post soon for those who know there way around shooting manually and using PhotoShop. I’m a big believer in blogging the …

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Lifestyle Musings

The Reality of Being an Introvert

Like, it’s not just ‘being shy’. Forever ago, I wrote about being an Introvert. It was a time where I was pretty okay at writing for my blog, but I also wasn’t past the threshold of saying whatever the fuck I like on my blog. See, I just dropped an F-bomb there for effect. Now …

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Blogging Tips & Advice

What I Keep in my Blogger’s Notebook

My Blogging Notebook is full of all the tools I need to be better at this writing thing. Before I began to get organised as a blogger, I just landed on WordPress and began writing. Now, I document almost everything I do! Here’s what you’ll find in my Blogger’s Notebook, and why I think you …

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