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5 Blogging “Advice” posts that grind my gears.

Blogging tips you read sometimes are full of crap. They just are. You go into blogging knowing that people get paid to create content to help others blog better. You decide to pick an article with lots of shares or re-pins and open it feeling overwhelmed. How much money do I need to invest? I need to do whaaat? I need to post 200 times a day? Yeah, suddenly blogging doesn’t seem so great now does it?

But, a lot of the time you are being fed a lot of useless information.

I’m here to show you some blogging tips that, to me, are really not good! They are not worth stressing over whatsoever and I will tell you EXACTLY why.

1. “Amazing Hacks to get more traffic to your blog!” – The AD.

Number one on my list has to be articles that claim to give you good, solid advice on growing traffic to your blog – but are just plugging ONE thing!

A service they got paid to plug.

There is nothing wrong with being paid to advertise a service. I encourage it, if you really believe in the item you are selling. There’s a difference when your article offers information different to what is stated in the headline.

Here’s a little story about an article I read recently. It claimed to help get more traffic to your blog and when I began reading it, it recommended using BlueHost as a web host for your site. I expected that to be Point #1 and for there to be some solid none-affiliated points later on. There wasn’t – the whole article then went on to show how you install WordPress on BlueHost.

How in the frig does this help me get blog traffic? It just doesn’t. Don’t get reeled in by someone telling you one product is a must have for your blog. Especially when they don’t back-up their story with figures. This was just an AD someone attached a flashy headline to and it honestly won’t help one bit, unless you’re planning on using the product.

2. Just Re-Use all your old stuff

My inspiration for this whole blog post comes from this type of post. I almost want to direct you to the article of inspiration, but I won’t tear down someone personally, I’m just not a fan of the idea.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with doing a re-vamp of an old post. Everyone will probably do it at some point.

But don’t rely on this as a way of writing a blog post when you’re stuck for ideas.

I read someone recommending that you:

  • Make a new graphic for a post and then post it again
  • Create a similar post to one you’ve already written for example: 5 ways to clean your house and then similarly 7 ways to have your house looking clean.

The post wasn’t called ‘Ways to re-purpose old content’ – it was called ‘Amazing Hacks to create NEW content’. That’s just a lie. If you keep re-writing the same thing your readers will notice. Readers tend to come back to blogs they like, but they will stop if they see a lazy writer.

3. Posts that offer ideas that center around “this year”, that don’t offer anything new.

It’s 2018. If you’ve just started blogging this year, chances are you’ll be building a social media presence as well as working on your website! I’m glad you’re blogging and I hope it’s going well for you!

If you’ve been blogging for a while now, you’ll have seen 2016 and 2017 trends and you’ll want to see what’s actually different this year.

You don’t want to see advice that isn’t timely in a time based post. If you hear a post called “5 things you need to try in 2018 for your blog” points 1-4 being a different social media account to get on isn’t going to offer you anything that you won’t have heard millions of times over.

Timely posts just need to be based in the time someone is station. No one wants pumpkin pie recipes in December. Christmas recipes will suffice.

4. You NEED to monitise your blog from Day One.

Oh, f*ck off. Why? Why do you need to have affiliates and ads on your blog when you post your first blog post? Without a readership base, it’s not going to be easy to make money. Plus, concentrating on trying to make money out of blogging right off the get-go will put too much pressure on you. Yeah, maybe making money from blogging is something you want down the line, but it really isn’t necessary to reach out to brands and have your site loaded with ads right away. Establish a brand first!

5. Here’s How I Made 1,000,000,000 in my first month blogging!


Actually no, let’s be honest here. I’ve read lots of these. My goodness, to make such a staggering figure from blogging within a month or year etc WOULD be lovely. It’s not realistic though! It might have worked for that person but let me tell you why this type of article is so annoying.

It doesn’t tell you how to make money blogging.

It gives you basic blogging tips but adds “I did this and now I’m a gazillionaire” at the end. 99% of these posts don’t even offer any proof of the amount that’s being boasted. I hate these posts, they make you feel as though you’re a terrible blogger for not making a huge amount of money.

I make no money blogging right now. I don’t know if I ever will, but I definitely do what most of these ‘tips’ suggest. Does that mean there’s something wrong? No! I just don’t shove an over priced e-book at my readers when I have little to no experience blogging. [I see this often too, there needs to be backup to information, you can’t sell a course or book with no experience. I think it’s bad practice when people do this and the majority of people that buy into it see no results.]

These posts are enticing. They just do nothing to help you become better. To me, it sounds like one big boasting fest. Then again, I’m not a six figure blogger so I’m most definitely jealous.

Read everything, but take things with a grain of salt.

I think it’s really important to read blogging advice when you are one, but it’s also really important not to buy into fads. Click-bait and other practices have become prominent and at times, the writer has used them ineffectively. It can be annoying when you’re looking for solid advice and all you see is ads or the same points being re-hashed by someone else.

You will find good advice, but learn to weed out the advice that really makes no difference.

I know a lot of people are sick of seeing these posts over and over, but to keep your own blogging peace of mind. Trust in your own ability. Don’t feel pressured to buy premium this and that, or schedule all of your things with an app that pays every second blogger to recommend them.

A little investment goes a long way of course, as I’ve noted in my post on getting real about your blog. But all that I think is necessary is your domain and such when you feel like your blog is ready for it.

In terms of making tonnes of money blogging, keep working at it. If that’s what one of your blogging goals is, reach for the stars! If it’s your only motivation, have a little chat with yourself – it shouldn’t be your only aim. I know it’s disheartening when you see lots of mula being made by lots of bloggers, but it really is different for everyone. And frankly, if they really told you how they made that money instead of saying “be consistent” you might be un-pleasantly surprised.

What do you think? I’d like to hear your blogging tips and comments.

Maggie x


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