I began Maggie The Muser in 2016 when I was relatively new to Blogger (I have had many past ‘failed’ attempts at blogging). I wrote for months but always knew I wanted to branch out into a fuller website, so here I am! My aim is to provide you, the reader, with entertainment on demand. I want to create a blog you will come back to and recommend to all your friends!

Blogging is my passion and I am keen to progress in the coming months to bring you the best content I possibly can!

I hope to bring my full personality to my blog as, being a really socially awkward individual I find it a lot easier to show my true nature over the Internet than in real life – Yep, I’m an absolute introvert. But hey maybe through all of this blogging I can learn to be a bit more outspoken, it’d definitely help at the tills in Penneys!

If you ever need to contact me, I’m proud to say you can email or queries you may have to this custom address: musermail@maggiethemuser.com


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