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What I Keep in my Blogger’s Notebook

My Blogging Notebook is full of all the tools I need to be better at this writing thing.

Before I began to get organised as a blogger, I just landed on WordPress and began writing. Now, I document almost everything I do! Here’s what you’ll find in my Blogger’s Notebook, and why I think you should keep one!

1. Taking bullet-points

I don’t know about you, but most of my blogging inspiration comes from Pinterest. I tend to read articles on it every day. The problem is I read too much and after a few hours, I’ve probably forgotten the important information. When I read something I just know I’ll try, I jot it down.

I’m not too tidy with it and I don’t go colour mad. I just use a blue biro, title and date the page and scribble a few notes.

I especially used this when I learned how to enable rich-pins.

2. Instagram Hash-tags

Instagram like to ban certain hashtags after a time, once they become inundated with bots and fake accounts. A lot of the time, my blog traffic comes from Instagram so I like to jot down hashtags to use. I keep different hashtags for different types of photographs that I post, and I usually find them by searching up ‘Instagram hashtags for [insert year]’.

If you do plan on keeping a stockpile of hashtags to better your Instagram engagement, be sure to check available tags a few times a year. New hashtags are causing photos to be shadow-banned all the time.

blogger strategy

3. A budget

Recently, I decided I would experiment using Facebook & Instagram Ads. I wanted to spread the word about my blog and I found it was tough for me to do that all by myself. I also wanted to see if it was even really worth it. I am planning on detailing the results on a future blog post, once I analyze the results!

Ads are actually quite reasonably priced. I usually don’t put that much money into them at all, but I do still document every cent I spend. This is because Facebook charge the buyer for ads at the end of the month OR once you reach your spending limit. I really do not want to owe out any money, so it’s very important any investments – no matter how small – are documented.

4. A list of posts to come

I can’t plan anything to a T. I’ll just say that now. The more I plan something, the more I never actually see it through. I don’t know what it is with me! I do however, jot down any future blog post ideas as I think of them. About 80% of them haven’t been written, but if I ever find myself really stuck in a rut, I’ll be able to pull something from the list!

I have a certain list of immediate posts I most definitely will be doing, but that page of my notebook is for posts that came to me like a light-bulb moment in a movie. I’d be silly not to write them.

5. A blogging shopping list

This one is mainly for photography purposes! I recently began the move to taking my own blog photos. It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that. I have done photography courses in the past, but none have centered on the style that is used in blogging. I’m loving the learning curve though.

I like to keep a little list of cheap props I want to buy, to help add a little pizzazz  to my photos and make them attractive looking.

I also keep track of my domain renewal; the date it expires, the price it will be for the year and if I need to buy any extra add-ons.



6. A couple of stats

I don’t like to write down every view that comes with my blog or social media. I don’t stress too much about numbers, so what I like to do is take one corner of the web and see if I’ve improved on it for the month. For example, I took a little look at my Pinterest stats (which you get by having a business account) and I wrote them down. Now, in a few weeks time I’ll have a look at them to see if I have anything to compare them to.

Next, I might move to my Blog itself or Facebook or something. That way, I’ll see if there’s any ways I can improve on many different aspects of blogging, while not putting myself under too much pressure.

I think it’s very important to keep a record of your blogging. It has helped me keep a solid focus in ways I couldn’t even have imagined. If you need just a little bit of structure, this is how to do it – the best part is, you can structure it in any ways you like! Seeing the notebook become filled with my ideas and achievements is quite nice, it helps me feel like it is worth the volume of work needed to go into it.

If you have any thoughts on keeping a Blogging Notebook, comment below I’d love to hear from you! If Pinterest is your thing, why not save this to your own blogging board!

Maggie x




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