Blogging Goals for Year 2 – Changing the Influence!

My domain is almost one year old! With that in mind, I’ve decided to reflect on my first year blogging more seriously. Here are some of the mistakes I’ve made, what I plan on doing this blogging year, and some sneaky blogging practices that left me feeling blue!


Falling short of writing goals

Sure, don’t we all start out with the best of intentions? I wrote feck all over the last year. There was times where I felt very motivated to write, and then there was a huge gap of a few months – with nothing being done! I definitely disappointed myself. I spent a large investment on purchasing a shiny good domain and hosting service! (From , not an ad I just love their service!) Then around September/October I came back online so to speak. I wrote a lot more, but still not as much as I wanted! It’s hard to blog as little as I did and expect to grow as a blogger.

This year, I have set myself some neater targets. I needed a fire lighting under me. The first thing I did was add a little calendar to my sidebar. Any days I have been blogging are highlighted gold on it! I’m way more likely to blog more if everyone can see what days I post. Pressure and motivation, that’s what I need.

I also have a clearer purpose blogging. I used to think I needed strict titles to blog about, tight genres to stick to. I realise now that blogging is at it’s best when it’s just the blogger in conversation with the readers, just thinking out loud. It really doesn’t have to be as cold or formal as ‘go here, buy this product, watch this TV show’. It’s rare for me to have a platform to express myself and share with others, being such a shy nelly, but blogging allows me to say hundreds more words than I ever could have. I’m allowed to just be and to have an opinion and express it here. I really should have had this level of respect for what my blog gave me earlier.

Expect a lot more from me this year! I really want to engage with my readers and create posts that mean something, that can help someone!

Neglected ALL the social media! (Oops..!)

When I wasn’t blogging it gave me nothing to post about on my social media outlets. Especially my Facebook Page! I never really shared outside of promoting my blog post, so I had a good sit down with myself just today. I know it’s important to share more than just my posts! I’m going to be lot more informative to anyone that follows me on social media! I’m going to be so much more snap happy with my phone’s camera because let’s face it – a picture says more than words sometimes! I suppose I grew disdain for social media, all the pressure to post at certain times, certain days of the week; THE EFFORT?! I now have a more care free approach, just post whenever – don’t be so restrictive! And again: engage, engage, engage! 

Re – Evaluate my blogging influences!

The last few weeks have been quite bitter in the blogging world. I wrote about why people feel so ‘conned’ by bloggers shortly after the first few dodgy goings on came to light! In case you haven’t heard, Irish ‘Influencers’ are being called out for various shady practices, and I’m all for it! I was so disheartened to hear what some of these people were doing for likes and followers. It kind of broke my heart.

So many of the main ‘influencers’ in question, were part of the reason I began blogging in the first place! For starters, I had no idea there was body shape editing going on. Then the last straw was reading a post on the Instagram of @bullshitcallerouter that centered on the reasons certain fans were blocked by their favourite bloggers and I realised that the lovely, ‘girl power’, all in this together personalities we get shown by these highly paid blogger’s is just.. well fake!

It’s a little bit soul crushing, I follow some genuine ladies whom I wish had more recognition as they are real. These are people who blog honestly, never hold back on their opinions for pay! The true ‘Influencers’!  But instead these same top 5 or 6 ladies get all the opportunities while tarnishing what blogging is.Selling cheap goods at designer prices, hosting fake competitions, this is all stuff I cannot stand. It’s conning people, just because you’ve attached your name to it. I do not agree with these practices at all.

The comments of these Instagram posts show me two things:

  1. How fake and shady the industry can be
  2. How the people that should be your audience are growing to hate blogging/bloggers!

How disheartening is that? I want to be a good blogger even harder now! If you get what I mean! My rose tinted specs told me I couldn’t be as good because I wasn’t stick thin, clear skinned or getting offers from companies every 5 seconds. I now realise that I just need to blog well. Forget all about what other bloggers are doing and just do me! Instead of dwelling on the fact that people I took great influence from weren’t crystal clear in their practices, maybe work on trying to influence people into doing some good, hard and honest blogging and re-invigorate people’s love of reading blogs!

What do you think of my blogging goals for the year? I’d love to hear what you think!

Maggie x


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