Brutally Honest Opinion on Blogging in 2018

I’m not going to lie, I, like many others have been struggling with blogging this year.

I have a few theories on why I’m finding blogging so tough. I always think “Why can’t I do this? Am I the only one?” but Twitter has opened my eyes to a lot of bloggers in the same predicament as me.

I’m trying to get back into blogging, but there’s this barrier blocking me from doing it to the extent that I want to.

Social media, in general, is getting harder these days and I suspect it has a lot to do with why blogging is getting increasingly more unpopular.

Let’s talk about Instagram.  

I think at the root of the problem is the likes of Instagram. It’s now a whole lot harder to even get the word out that you’ve written a new blog post! Around 6-7% of your followers now see your posts. You can say “You need to engage to be engaged with” until you are blue in the face – the fact of the matter is, Instagram wants you to pay to promote yourself and because of this it is almost impossible to have the same reach you would have had two years ago.

But that’s not all; I’m not going to try and shit on what anyone does BUT I will see the fakeness of Instagram has brought blogging down. When did it become so false and posed? I tried so hard to orchestrate a feed that looked somewhat good but in the end, that’s not me. And ‘Instagrammers’ with no actual blog calling themselves bloggers so that they can pawn off whitening strips and protein powder, how can average me compete?

In Ireland, the biggest controversies -fucking ever- came from toxic “bloggers” that were basically conning the public. At the time, I barely knew these people and these ‘blogs’ of theirs are lucky to see a post every few months, if even! No, worse than that one said blogger never wrote but instead had a team writing for them.

This has really put people off of reading blogs. There is this attitude that ‘bloggers do nothing and get ridiculous pay’ and all sorts that go around, and these shady practices do not help.

I’ve written about those time and time again because it hurts the transparent blogger. People don’t want to read sponsored posts because bloggers that lie about their relationship with a brand have ruined things for bloggers that are genuinely trying to do a service!

And, let’s not forget about the numbers…

So, Ms X gets all the sponsored work, because she has 100k followers. Ms X gets maybe 1% engagement though.

She may have bought followers, I can’t confirm BUT she definitely does not get interaction proportional to her followers. So, when she does the sponsored work the company does not make good sales.

Ms Y misses out even though she’s got 5000 followers and 60% engagement. Obviously, the micro-influencer would have done better for the company.

Still, Ms X conforms better with the companies beauty standards, so in the end, they’d have chosen her knowing this.

I love blogging but it’s full of shit sometimes. 90% of the bloggers I know are fucking fantastic and they cannot catch a break because of this 10% that give blogging a bad name!

And the companies? They can straight up take advantage of bloggers. They should take a few notes:

  • Use good bloggers for your work!
  • Looks aren’t everything. These beauty standards and why I keep seeing similar looking people being chosen for everything (nothing on them at all, it’s the companies!) need to change. I don’t care who recommends what as long as it’s a true and honest representation of how they feel towards a product.

For the most part, blogging is harder when it feels like you’re getting nowhere. Drowning in algorithms that set out to hurt your blog and competing against people who do not have blogging (but instead money) as their main priority, makes blogging feel more and more like a chore. Sometimes, you just want to write a blog post. Scheduling pins for the next 10 years and editing photos ‘until kingdom come’ just isn’t as appealing as the basics, the words, the advice. Why people blog to begin with.

To, picture perfect ‘Instagrammers’:

Your Instagram life can be more damaging than good. Must you portray a life with no flaws? Everything isn’t purple, it’s shit coloured too and I think a lot of us would like to see more of that. Think about it, in a world of increasing mental health issues in both young and adult people, it can be unhealthy. I’ve given Instagram a wide berth lately. It doesn’t appeal to me anymore because all I see are things that are too unreal. It’s not really helping me be a better blogger at all, it’s made my self-esteem falter when I have mad breakouts or notice a little weight gain.

Use Instagram to have a bit of fun too! Make it look as nice as you like but don’t pretend this is you unfiltered.

From now on, blogging is to be something that isn’t as pressurised. If you’re a blogger and something is making you feel down, try and see if you can take a break from it! Make it fun again. I honestly see blogging returning to it’s older splendour soon, I think people are wising up and are blogging for themselves again – not for the aesthetic!

What are your thoughts on blogging in 2018? I’d love to hear them!

Maggie x

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5 Replies to “Brutally Honest Opinion on Blogging in 2018”

  1. Thank you for this post! I have been feeling the same way. I hate all of these follow and unfollow and instagram is a fucking nightmare! I’m still struggling with getting back into blogging! I believe social media and view number contests are taking the fun out of it!

  2. I so totally agree with you there! The fun has been taken out of it by so many things and people would prefer a larger number of views than authentic ones! I have only been losing followers on Instagram I’m not even getting concerned with numbers anymore 😂 I’m forcing myself back into blogging by not taking part in practices I don’t agree with, I hope I’ll stick with it this time! X

  3. I have switched my blogs so many times whether it be trying to get away from my blogger stalker or because I lost interest! I honestly still have no idea what to blog about anymore because that little voice in the back of my head goes, “No one wants to read that! You won’t get any views!”

  4. That’s how I feel too! It’s so hard to break past it. I currently barely get 20 views a day when I’m used to getting a lot more but I know if I stick with it they’ll grow over time. I would love to read blog posts of yours! X

  5. I haven’t posted much lately but I am getting back to it!

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