Dear Struggling Blogger


Dear Struggling blogger staring at your page views and feeling disappointed, your views are not a reflection of your work – trust me you’re doing great! This is my third attempt at the same blog, trust me I’ve had many days like yours – don’t stop writing those posts, your hard work will pay off soon. Keep at it no matter how tempting it is to give up.

No one knows better than you how much time and money you’ve put into this venture and for it to not be going as well as you’d hoped are a bit of a slap in the face, but it will get better with your drive and determination. When you’re stuck in a rut take a break, I get them often – go relax for a while and come back with a fresh clear mind. If you struggle for something to write about, why not take a drive somewhere new and write about that, maybe read other blogs for inspiration. Your head will be full of ideas in no time.

Don’t compare yourself to other blogger’s – no two blogs are the same! Don’t worry if you’re not getting the same opportunities as other bloggers right now, everyone’s road is different! Remember the determination you had when you decided to take up blogging? It’s still in there somewhere and you’ll unlock it again!

Starting over is always an option, I’ve just done it myself! I knew I loved blogging more than most things but I also knew the blog I was writing towards wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be, so I took a lot of time off and here I am stronger than ever with a website I totally own! I know my audience isn’t gigantic but as cliché as it sounds, anyone reading my blog makes me happy, I know I’ve done something right when the same people read it over and over, getting too concerned with numbers can really hurt your motivation so I like to know the numbers are there but I can wholeheartedly say that’s not why I got into blogging! I just wanted to write and post and write and post some more so I hope I never lose sight of that attitude!

I read so many fantastic blogs on a daily basis and that’s probably my main reason for writing this, to just implore you to carry on through the challenging bits and to enjoy the whole experience, when you feel like downing tools permanently think of me, on attempt three of Maggie the Muser after many a struggle, and stick with it! People think the blogging market is over saturated but I just think the more the merrier!

PS: Just in case you haven’t seen my year old retired blog yet, click here

Do you ever think of just deleting your blog? Let me know your responses below!

Maggie x

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