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Why I don’t give much thought to the ‘Niche’ thing


Originally posted on my old blog September 2016.

Happy Sunday, my lovely blog readers! How are you all? I’ve just completed my workout for today and let’s just say even muscles that don’t exist are aching.. Ouch!

Anyway, today my post is all the ‘niche’ question. I personally hate to think too much about niches.

A new blogger I know well who is starting out told me they were planning on uploading a similar project to one I’ve been engaging in for a number of months and added “not that we have the same readers or anything” at the end. Now I have a couple of issues with this statement, I’m not afraid to say I disagree with that whole subject to an extent.

Sure I understand the same individual people may not read both blogs, however in terms of someone interested in this same project – there is a much stronger likelihood of them stumbling across both projects, not to mention the fact we share a lot of people in common and when you’re starting out those people make a big difference. Both of our blogs share some very close connections in terms of the tab selection/ topics so I didn’t understand how it was maintained that the readers would be totally different.

In an instant I grew protective of the readers of my blog, like a lioness to her cubs almost. I couldn’t help but think to myself ‘what do you mean by that? What are you saying about my readers’ As the statement in its full context sounded more like it was meant towards the type of people that would read my blog in comparison. I began to question my blog a little, as I have no issue in telling you that I do tend to over-analyse things sometimes and I began wondering if I was doing it all wrong, not targeting one particular segment, an age group etc.. Until I thought, wait – stop right there!

I realised, in the months I’ve been doing this, something I’d never really questioned before.

Have I been marketing my blog for a certain group of people? No, not really! Definitely not consciously! I just write about things that interest me, and if you like it – You’re the best!

If you read through my blog you will see that it is, what is considered to be a lifestyle blog but I haven’t tried to reign in on a specific group of individuals at all. I have read so much into things and there are arguments for having a tight niche, and arguments against. And as an avid blog reader – I love both kinds of blogs! (In all honestly, let’s be human here we read things that interest us regardless of what they are don’t we? I’ll see a post about puppies and be like ‘Puppies, yes!’ and it’ll be a blog I’ve never seen before but I’ll probably come back if they talk about something else I like) Some bloggers just prefer to narrow it down, I understand it and I love it! (It just doesn’t work for me, and I’ve tried – many a failed blog ago)

I’ve always blogged off of the basis that my posts were just my thoughts and things I wanted to share that may be useful for others. As a lifestyle blogger, you blog about.. well, your lifestyle (duh, maggie) and things you like. I don’t have a fitness blog even though I’m trying hard to get fit – but doI have a fitness section? Feck yeah, I do! I love it when you guys keep up with my progress, it spurs me on! I’m more likely to stick to it when I know people want to see how I do!

Some bloggers just prefer to narrow it down, I understand it and I love it!

I just don’t want to over-complicate myself by obsessing over readers, or restrict myself to a certain amount of content and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing! As cliche as it sounds – I like having the freedom to write what I like, whenever.

Of course you should keep up to date with your readers and definitely check in on how you’re doing, it’s one of the things that I love about blogging, but I would never like for myself to become obsessed with it. And I definitely would hate to become obsessed with honing in one one aspect of my life or one thing.. My mind is a mess, but it’s an organised one and my blog is supposed to be a reflection of all of that – all of the crazy maggie things.

If you’re 18 or 80 and you’re reading my blog, I genuinely can’t thank you enough – I hope you’re going to stick around as we get to know each other!

If you’re reading my blog for the first time, you’re very welcome! Here you’ll find my thoughts and things I love, all for you to enjoy! I hope you’ll come back for more! (Self promo alert but I try to post like almost every day, FYI)

So that’s it for my post about niches! They’re just not something I think too much about, I just blog and I adore it and hope anyone that reads my content will see that!

What do you think about niches? I’d love to hear your thoughts – Oh and before I forget, feel free to post your blog links in the comments as I am in the mood to read more blogs lately!

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