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Welcome to! I’ve finally taken the plunge and got serious about blogging. As some of you may know I have been blogging over at my Blogger Blog for the best part of a year but I chose to take a break from it while I figured out my next move. With a few weeks to think on it I decided to make a bigger commitment to blogging.

I started finding it quite difficult to figure out what I should be writing about and tried to change up my blog a couple of times but I found the platform and type of blog I was running was a bit too restricted for me and I fell into a rut and began working towards something different. I’ve gone for a fresh website with a layout that’s easy to follow and lots of new features.

Over the next few months, expect to see looking into all of the trending topics of 2017, while also bringing you entertaining posts on various topics, and of course all of my personal blog entries that will feature in my Blog section. Don’t forget to see what I’m getting up to!

There will be some new topics to explore that are totally new to the site such as my Gaming section where I put my Intel HD Graphics 4600 trustworthy laptop to the test, and a new series Coffee Convos where I write a random blog post over a cup of coffee and expect some coffee related posts here too, as you know I am obsessed. Be sure to explore the site after you read this to see what’s coming soon!

I plan to post frequently so be sure to follow me on my social media channels so you never miss a beat! Just click the icons at the top of the page.

I’m so excited to see what 2017 in Blogging brings, I have never been more excited to or motivated to challenge myself at Blogging like a PRO and I hope you will stick with me  and enjoy what’s in store!

Maggie xx

Maggie Shalloe

Blogger and Dreamer. I love blogging and creating, I'm glad you've stopped by to read some of my creations!

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