How to make Stunning Blog Graphics

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Do you want to create unique blog graphics, but fear you do not have the time or skills needed? Fear not, I have your back in this post! Here’s a tutorial using my favourite site, Canva, that’ll have you well on your way!

*I am not affiliated¬†with Canva, it’s just a popular and easy way of creating professional looking blog graphics!¬†

1. Picking a layout/dimension

One thing that’s really handy about Canva is its layouts! You can pick a relevant layout to what you’re doing. Here, you’ll see some of the popular layouts plus a spot that allows you to create your own customization.

For a beginner, I would recommend using a template layout. There is a ‘blog banner’ one that’s great for bloggers, but it doesn’t fit into my theme that well. I recently used the square template ‘Social Graphic’ but I’m currently loving ‘Presentation 16:9’ so that’s what I will be working with. Don’t worry though, this advice covers any size!

2. Finding a template style.

The the page for your blog graphic is going to be blank at first. Look at the left column and scroll down to find a layout you like – then click on it!

I chose this gorgeous Presentation layout, it’s got a good bold heading and a small space for the website title at the bottom. You’ll notice there are some alternate versions of the template at the bottom but these aren’t relevant as they’re part of the presentation!

3. Making the Graphic Your Own

So, next you’re going to want to customize the graphic. You mustn’t just change the text – this is someone else’s design, we want to see yours! All you need to do to make the graphic more unique is:

  • Change colour scheme: You’ll want to pick colours suited to your blog. Make sure you can see the text clearly; dark text on a dark background doesn’t generally work.

  • Change the fonts: Picking fonts can be tricky! If you’re using a feminine, cursive font make sure to couple it with bold non-cursive fonts, like Arial or Helvetica.

  • Change the photo: Choose a photo you think will work well with the colour scheme you’ve chose. Canva has a small section of free photos you can use, or if you really want to make things pop – use a photo you’ve taken yourself. You can use stock photos, but make sure you have the correct permissions to do so – some artists allow you to use the photo, but not to customize it!

  • If you feel like some of your photo is being really cut off, lower the transparency so that it is visible behind the graphic.

  • You can also add some style to your photos by applying a filter. This section also allows you to alter the brightness and contrast. However, it is by no means an alternative to Photoshop here! I always edit my photos (I take my own) in Photoshop and then bring them to Canva as it’s the easiest way of getting a good graphic.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a stunning graphic for your blog! It will be very unique and make your blog pop!

Here’s the end result of the graphic I made for this tutorial! I used my blog colours and it looks very unique and easy to read. There are many ways of creating quality graphics with Canva, but this is by far the way to begin with it. If you feel more confident, try creating some on a blank canvas from scratch.

If you feel lacking in inspiration, always look for it from other blogs! Don’t copy someone’s design verbatim, just see what you liked about it and apply it to your own design.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If I could improve in any way, let me know below – I love feedback, let’s have a chat!

Maggie X

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