Intel HD Graphics 4600 – Put to the test!


(Yep, it does work!)

Before I begin posting about my gaming adventures, I felt it would be important to explain a bit about how I got to this point in the first place and to give you some details about the bits and pieces I use and games I will focus on.

I initially needed to buy a laptop with enough RAM to run Adobe Photoshop well as it is essential to my Photography work. One day I just got curious and tried to run Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and it actually worked! It ran perfectly and on high graphics settings. I soon wanted to try more games and before long I realised it was quite capable of doing so!

As I tried and tested different games, I became hooked! I decided that as I play games often, I would incorporate this into my blog to give you updates on what I get up to!

Just to let you know a bit about the laptop I use; I own a HP ProBook 640 which has an Intel i3 Processor and a healthy 8GB RAM. As mentioned in the title, my graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 4600 which gives me up to 1GB Video memory.

This trustworthy laptop basically runs most games pre-2010 which quite a few exceptions! I can run a couple of games that came out as recent as 2014!

My first few posts of this series are going to focus on Fallout 3. I had no idea what to expect before I tried it but all I know is I am totally addicted! I will be explaining my Character build and mods I like to use before launching into the gaming experience itself. I have only ever played to about halfway into the story so I’m going to start a new game for the purposes of this series with a new build and strategy!

I know Fallout 3 came out years ago, but if you played it when it came out first this is the perfect excuse to get back into it! If you’ve never played it before, maybe this series will inspire you to play it, trust me it’s great!

I hope you’re going to stick around and follow my Fallout adventures over the coming weeks!



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