Lifestyle Musings

The Reality of Being an Introvert

Like, it’s not just ‘being shy’. Forever ago, I wrote about being an Introvert. It was a time where I was pretty okay at writing for my blog, but I also wasn’t past the threshold of saying whatever the fuck I like on my blog. See, I just dropped an F-bomb there for effect. Now …

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In the BlogLight: My new(ish) hobby!

Hey everyone, today I wanted to talk about one of my new favourite hobbies! I’ve always been a fan of drawing, I’m pretty average at it but one thing I always wanted to try was digital drawing. During the last few weeks, I’ve needed something relaxing and time consuming to help the days go by …

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In Memoriam Musings

For my Hero.

  It’s with a heavy heart I write this post. I have been absent from blogging for a few weeks, unfortunately, life has thrown a huge curve-ball my way. I wanted to share a little of my story to anyone who reads this. I’ve explained a bit about this on my personal social media accounts, …

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