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Hair Miracles – What I Swear By!

I love bleaching my hair, but bleach doesn’t really love me back. Anyone that works on their hair without the help of salon experts will know this.

I have been working on my own hair for years, and it’s not that I have a fear of hairdressers or anything of the sort – I just really like experimenting with my own mop! I’m not recommending that everyone bleach the crap out of their hair, but let’s be honest; a lot of us do!

Everyone takes to bleach differently and I know it dries me out – big time. I’m lucky that I’ve never had huge hair loss or any huge disasters, but it does make my hair extra frizzy-wizzy.

My hair gets itself back to form quite soon after bleaching, but not without the help of these three fantastic products! If you colour or bleach your hair, you need to take note of these wonders!


1. L’oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil In Cream – Intensive

This product is number one on my list because it’s the best thing I have ever put in my hair! I have been using this cream in my hair for about a year and it’s really helped keep moisture in it between bleaches and adds this gorgeous shine to it.

To use, you just wash your hair as normal and apply it to towel dried hair. Here’s a little tip though – when you don’t want to condition your hair, apply this cream to wet hair and style/dry as normal. It does a great job of conditioning your hair and won’t leave any greasy residue. I hate feeling product on my hair so I was delighted that even putting a generous dollop on wouldn’t cause it to feel strange.

I bought this at my local pharmacy ages ago, but I had a little look and it retails at €9.99 in Tesco Irl. I think it’s well worth a buy if you’re looking for a boost to shine/moisture.

2. Co-Lab Dry Shampoo

Ah, Penneys. Where would I be without ya? This product is a little Penneys gem that I’ve been using for a while now.

I use dry shampoo for a couple of reasons! I like to top up my second (and probably third) day hair with dry shampoo to keep it looking fresh. It also keeps the light and bouncy feel to it. I also find it works a miracle after I’ve bleached! I don’t like to wash my hair for a week after bleaching because the process can be really drying to the already parched hair. My hair is a pure ball of fuzz and frizz and just everything messy after a bleaching session, but this dry shampoo helps me to tame it some – while also allowing me to give my hair that break it needs from harsh washes.

I can’t remember the price I paid, but I did get it in Penneys and I definitely think I chose it because it was cheaper than the Balliste version. I’m frugal like that… Sometimes.

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3. Josh Wood Colour, Everything Mask

I bought this product in Boots recently and have been wanting to scream out about it for ages now. The Everything Mask serves two important functions for me.

Anyone who has ever gone blonde through bleaching will recognise this dilemma:

You’ve bleached your hair twice, you’re a bit brassy/yellow and you want to tone your hair but you don’t want to do any more damage to the hair. What do you do?

Well, you could leave it for a while and tone with developers OR you could give this a go.

The mask is a deep conditioning mask that can be used twice a week. It conditions the hair and stops colour degeneration (on any coloured hair!!), leaving the colour stronger for longer. Amazingly though, this mask can be mixed with “Shade shots” which are small paint tube like pigments. I used a “Cool Me Down” Shade shot with the mask and it made the best toner I have ever used! You leave it on for 5-10 minutes (like you would with the mask) an then rinse.

The Everything Mask is one of the most expensive masks I’ve bought for my hair at €19.99, but the amount you need is a lot less than you would expect! The Shade shot is €6.50 and is one use.

Why my hair is still there!

I really don’t think my hair would still be surviving through the many bleaches I have done without these three. I had a few things picked out but I narrowed it down to a top three, and these came out on top for sure. I probably will continue to bleach my hair over the years, but I am really glad I’ve found some solid products that really work for me.

Now, if only I had as much luck finding face products I’d be great!

Hope you liked this little hair post, leave your thoughts below – I always read ’em!

Maggie x

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