Get to know me: Guilty Pleasures

As part of my mission to grow my blog this year, I wanted everyone to get to know me a little better! Having a lifestyle blog, I weirdly fail to express and share snippets of my life like I should and I want to change over the coming weeks. I’ve been trying to improve my Instagram too, but I’m going to hop into that in another blog post soon! I hope in these posts you’ll get to know the Maggie behind the blog and you’ll find something in common that’ll keep you coming back to the Muser, after all that is why I write – for you guys! 

What even is a guilty pleasure? Well, for me it’s many things – many weird and wonderful things! How many of us end up loving a strange combination of foods or liking a very cringe-worthy song? They’re all guilty pleasures, yes you love them but part of you is just slightly embarrassed that you do!


How is Mayo a guilty pleasure? It’s not the fact that I like mayo, it’s the fact that I LOVE mayo! I am very, very guilty of using too much of it on anything that mayo is nice with. So many people find mayo gross – I only barely fall short of licking it off of the knife. If there’s not enough mayo on my sandwich, you’ll be making me very upset. Couple mayo with ham and put it in toast? I’m in mayo heaven, and I don’t mean County Mayo. (It’s great but doesn’t beat the sauce)



Kinder Chocolate (of any kind)

This is one you’ll probably have seen on my Instagram lately. I love Kinder so much! The reason it’s a guilty pleasure for me is it’s very child focused and as much as I wish my age could indefinitely be ‘big child’, I’m 21 so that doesn’t work. I feel at this age I should be eating older more sophisticated chocolates, but nope. Kinder egg for me please and two Bueno.



Trailer Park Boys

I don’t even think I’m guilty about this. I wasn’t introduced to this show until it was on Netflix. It is hilarious, it shouldn’t be! I had no idea I’d get attached to the characters like I did, it’s a must watch if you’re not easily offended! It focuses on three lads who just can’t stop going to jail really. Most seasons usually culminate in the boys being locked up for some scheme they’ve thought up and every episode leading up to that is the limit. My absolute favourite characters/plot in TPB is Lahey and Randy and basically anything they’re up to – especially when drunk! If you haven’t given it a try yet, I highly recommend! (But like I say, it may be highly offensive to some so you have been warned!)


Assassin’s Creed Rogue

It’s no secret, I’m into the playing games thing. I have an Xbox One and I’m very fond of it, but what people weren’t too fond of was AC Rogue, as in I barely even heard of it until I played it and I’d call myself an AC fan (Edit: wait, not an air conditioner haha). It is, I will admit, a Black Flag clone and Shay in no way compares to Edward Kenway but I do really want to buy that remaster!  Shay’s accent is horrible, as an Irish person I can say that with confidence. Being a Templar is a good experience though (And that dart rifle) !



And those are my guilty pleasures! I probably have lots more but these are the ones that stick out to me most. There will be more following on from this Get to know me post soon, stay tuned! I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and learning more about me!


Let me know your guilty pleasures in the comments and head to my Instagram and smack that follow button to keep up to date with with all things maggiethemuser related! 



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