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My May & June Goals!

The importance of setting goals is something I have been learning lately. As my blog grows by the day, I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to transform my passion even further.

I have some goals for this blog, like I understand that everyone who blogs says this – but I really want to say something. I actually really want to help people with this blog. Our world is flawed, people don’t feel so good and I want to spread something positive. To show people that everyone has bad times and good times. I want to show people how much they mean to the world and to encourage others to try and make their mark on it. For the next 8 weeks, my goals centre around trying to get the most out of my own life, and to encourage others to make the best of theirs!

Enjoy this post, and I honestly do hope you smash your own goals this month!

The Big Announcement……

This month, I excitingly decide to open an Etsy Store! I realise how important it is for people to be organised nowadays, how important it is for people to be able to stay organised, whether they naturally are or feel they need a lot of assistance. Phase One of my store is all about this! I am creating something that will allow other bloggers and just generally amazing boss ladies to get organised!

I am designing the products 100% myself! I am rolling out products that are made solely by me, and then those that I will have had company assistance with! (So someone to produce the end result with my designs!)

I’m keeping my cards close to my chest so I won’t be saying exactly what I’m making right now, but watch this space.

I really want to push forward with the self-care elements of my blog, so on my store, I will be creating content that I hope will help you feel like you’re worth something good. Our generation is laden with people feeling useless or not wanted, I want to change your perception of yourself – if you need it.

I am going to carefully and reasonably price all items as I absolutely understand the struggles for spare cash these days!

You’ll be able to buy items directly from the Shop section of my blog – how cool is that? If you’re interested in seeing my shop when it’s finished, why not subscribe to my blog to ensure you don’t miss out?

So, now that we’ve got the big goals out of the way, what else is in the works?

  • Play Metal Gear Solid V to the fullest. I’ve completed well over half of the game now and I don’t want it to end, really. I don’t want to lose momentum playing it (I’ve a bad habit of dropping games after a certain time), so I have set myself the goal to get all main missions and side ops done. I would ideally like to complete all missions with an S rank but I’ll take an A to be honest, some of those are tough!
  • Get a few thousand words written of my book. As I wrote in a previous post, I scrapped my last novel draft. I was very unhappy with it after a while, so I decided to go back to the drawing board. I am happily having a go at a new first draft now! I’ve put a lot of research and time into the planning of the story, so I think I will be able to get through the draft without having a crisis of confidence. I know I just need to go ahead and get it done, so I will be going full steam ahead it! I’ll worry about the rest later.
  • Achieve 2,500 views in May, and then 3,000 in June. In April, I got over 1,600 views. I had set a goal of 1,500 – I was over the moon! I know it probably isn’t a lot to some, but to me it’s more than I’ve ever had in a month. I want to keep the blog growing, so I’ve upped the goal to 2,500 just to see how close I can get. If I can do it, in June the goal will be 3,000. So, if you’re reading this – thank you so much! I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me!

I am hoping these goals go according to plan, but look, if they don’t there’s nothing to stop me from starting over and trying again. That’s the best thing about goals. Don’t ever feel bad about yourself because something hasn’t worked out for you. You can try again and maybe next time around you will have success!

Maggie X

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