Why People Feel so ‘Conned’ by Bloggers Today!

Recent controversy surrounding blogger’s use of editing and Photoshop has sparked huge debate among the community, but why? 


Anyone interested in blogging, or following some of the big Influencers in Ireland right now will be no stranger to the recent talks about photo editing and Influencers ‘making a stand against online harassment and bullying’. As someone who has been blogging for a while now, and follows a lot of the ladies in question – I can see why.


I’m not about to attack anyone. I am not about to bully. I just understand the feeling of disappointment from some ‘fans’ to find out the versions of yourselves that are being sold aren’t all true. I was very naive. I assumed each tiny figure I saw was real. I know all about ‘good angles’, I know all about good lighting, I studied them as a Photographer. Coming from that background, I know how to airbrush and warp photos to look ‘picture perfect’ – I just didn’t think it would happen among bloggers who spend a lot of their time trying to ’empower’ and create an air of body image positivity. It’s a bit of a knock to hear on the daily “be happy with how you look ladies” when the people telling you this are taking inches off of their faces and bodies before posting a picture. You are not happy with how you look! It’s not your place to tell someone how to feel if you are being so dishonest. Whatever happened to filters? There’s nothing wrong with a good filter but this is too much falseness. Even in unedited form, you ladies look stunning. The filtering makes girls say things like “I would kill to look like you” when they need to understand, they do naturally! They just haven’t paid for the software to enhance it all.


I saw the Instagram page (I think). It was before and after pictures right? Things that were copied and pasted from Google and various other things. The act of sharing these isn’t bullying. People need to be more clear on that. I don’t agree with anyone saying nasty things along with the images, but from anything I did see I felt more uplifted! If you can believe that. I saw so many comments telling women not to feel downbeat when they realised they didn’t look stick thin like the pictures they always saw. And the editing is why. What’s wrong with that?


A blogger cannot honestly say “I was absolutely grand with how I looked” and then in the next instance claim they are being bullied by people in comments and such. Anyone I know that is secure in themselves wouldn’t give two f*cks what someone commented about their appearance. Even if, yes, even if they were ‘outed’ for having work done etc. (which I don’t even care about but why lie) Why does it matter? Own that! Don’t act like you’re being pushed into the dirt in the school yard, shaking with fear at the thoughts of coming into contact with your ‘bullies’. You are being criticised! Hey, you’re in the public eye so that’s something you need to get used to, no? Everyone gets a bit of criticism fired their way every now and then, and never does a strong person say they are being bullied for it.


Now, I could be wrong. Maybe, there’s genuine bullying going on, enough to ‘make a stand about’ but I don’t see how different it is to any personality with even an ounce of fame coming under the microscope for almost everything they do. So many bloggers upload selfies daily without spending hours on them, so many showcase products they genuinely like instead of ones they were just paid bucket-loads to promote. Honestly works best! I feel, as a blogger, that the public, the people we cater to, the audience. They’re really fed up with some of the ‘influence’ some of these Bloggers have over young girls, the media etc. They don’t see a positive influence anymore, only negative.


Blogging isn’t by any means dying out or anything like that but it is evolving. Without an honest blogging environment we can expect these changes. As cliché as it sounds, we do need a more body image positive environment. The photographer in me says yes, edit out that huge yellow spot you have there. But know when to stop. A no makeup, au naturale selfie is not that when it has been airbrushed to look flawless. Think of Photoshop like virtual makeup you can use on your whole body, would you draw your abs on with a contour stick? A computer doing it for you is no different. Own your goddamn curves, wrinkles, flab – yes I said flab! The pretense just needs to go. Instead of pushing back against critics, maybe examine why your audience is unhappy.

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts!

Maggie X


3 Replies to “Why People Feel so ‘Conned’ by Bloggers Today!”

  1. It definitely goes too far sometimes and I genuinely don’t like how everyone just looks the same, or almost robotic. I miss real faces and real people. I get a bit of editing, but agree that you cannot claim confidence when hiding yourself.
    Tina | http://www.teaisfortina.co.uk

  2. I absolutely understand missing real faces! I wish more ‘influencers’ would be a bit more honest about themselves it’d make them so much more than someone merely paid to advertise! They could really inspire younger girls! X

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