Why You Should Be Playing Skyrim in 2018

If you’re reading this, you’ll be interested to know that this is the first post I’m writing in the re-launch of my gaming posts. I’ve written about two in the past, then I had a confidence break. I didn’t think anyone would want to read about my favourite hobby! I asked some female bloggers that write about gaming if it can work and yes it can! I just didn’t look around enough to see it. 

So, here goes! 

Skyrim first came out seven whole years ago, can you believe it? And it’s pretty much been released on most consoles since then, meaning it’s one of the most popular of the Elder Scrolls games. The thing is, games have really come along in the last few years in terms of how they look and play (bugs and problematic new relases aside) so it’s only natural to question if Skyrim still stands up by today’s standards. I’m here to tell you why it does and how you can get back into Skyrim and have yourself a new experience with it!

I made the move to Xbox One around my last birthday and a Skyrim purchase had been on my to do list since then. I wasn’t too sure if the purchase was worth it, but I’ve been playing it for a month solid – putting in way more hours than I should be!

But why is it still so lovable in 2018?

1. Mod Support on Console

I don’t know too much about mods. I messed up my Skyrim files many a time on PC because I didn’t have a clue how to insert them properly. On console though, it’s a lot easier! Now, I’m not saying Bethesda got their Mods interface perfect – they didn’t. I hate the search function! I type in ‘horse’, for example and let me tell you, horse isn’t the first thing to show up. What I do like is how the load order is displayed and how easy it is to rearrange them and turn them on/off.

The freedom that comes along with mods is just fantastic. When you think about it, it means we can tailor exactly how we want to play the game! I will do a post on the specific mods I like to use soon, but for now if you haven’t done so, check them out and consider a modded play-through!

With this mod, I can call my horse. I needed it with Survival! The horses just have minds of their own wandering away and then you have to walk to your destination. This fixes it easily!

Trophies and achievements are disabled when you use them and I should say they might mess your save, sometimes a mod just doesn’t work out and conflicts with others!

Also, as a side note – I was fully intending to complete a playthrough without mods. However, I encountered a really stupid bug. (This isn’t exactly a spoiler because I’m being very vague, but if you really insist on not reading a thing about the game scroll down to number 2!) Karliah wouldn’t open a gate during the quest with Brynjoff, she left the cave – just decided ‘Screw you guys, I’m going home’. I couldn’t get her to do it no matter what I tried so instead of starting from scratch I put the Unofficial Patch mod on and it fixed the problem for me! Let me know if you encountered this problem in the comments!

2. Survival Mode

I saw Bethesda launch their Creation Club and I winced. Micro-transactions, really? I wasn’t convinced. I had Fallout 4 when I first saw it and was playing it every now and then. I thought to myself ‘What could I buy on the Creation Club that I can’t find in the Mods Section?’. I never purchased anything on it for Fallout and never imagined I would.

But then I bought Skyrim. I had played a bit of the game before, when I used my laptop for gaming. It ran pretty well, I have to say. I wasn’t able to get into the story though, and it was prone to crashing which turned me off of it for a while. (I now realise some games will just crash when they reach overload – it’s gotta be dealt with I’m sure). As I played the game I saw the Survival Mode for sale and it just lingered in my mind, I was curious. My boyfriend had tried Frostfall and Campfire and while they were well done mods, they were just a bit too confusing to use so something better integrated was ideal. I wanted a more immersive experience of Survival! So, I surprised myself and spent just under €15 making a few purchases. Well worth it.

Survival is tough. It means you need to eat and stay warm. You need to sleep and there’s no such thing as fast travel. The weather changes depending on where you are and it’s colder at night! This means your armour now has a warmth rating, so you’ll be making some different decisions about what you wear.

The mode gives you prompts to let you know when you enter a cold or warm area and when you begin to feel hungry or get tired it will show on the relevant bar at the bottom of your screen. As you’ll see from my Magicka bar on the image below,  I was extremely tired and cold! This meant my magicka regenerated slower and my potions were less effective! I also attacked a bit slower and did less damage. You need to stay on top of these things as they build quite quickly. Being tired eventually makes your vision blurry so the screen is hazy, being freezing cold makes your movement very slow and your screen gets this strange bluish tint.

My main problem with this mode is the amount of travel you end up doing! It’s nice to see the map as it was intended however it meant simple side quests took hours. Sometimes you want to smash a bandit in the face with a mace more than setting up camp.

That reminds me, Survival mode should probably be used with Camping! You can make them with firewood and leather if you have Camping bought from the Creation Club – they weigh 9 so you won’t be able to make too many as your carry weight will be way reduced.

3. Adventurer Backpacks

This one is totally personal preference. I love this bags though! Again a creation club purchase, this addition to the game is one that made me very happy. I just love it when it’s sort of implied where my items are stored. Carrying a bag grants you an added 75 carry weight and depending on the type of bag you use, another bonus is granted such as extra bow damage or easier lockpicking.

They look amazing, even with weapons on the character’s back! It works so well with Skyrim.

This is the hunter bag! It just looks fantastic and I get +10% Bow damage!

4. Come on, it’s Skyrim

I can list new features all over the shop. They make a good case for my argument but the main reason you should be playing right now is it’s just great. I love the quests, the factions, the main story! It’s got so much heart for a game, so much lore and you can invest so much time into it. These reasons alone will have it a game I feel will be relevant in years to come. It’s super fun to play. I like clearing out Druagr infested ruins, I can become a beast if I wish to. I can marry and adopt kids! It offers so much for a game. You’re missing out if you haven’t played and if you have, put it on your list again – give it another run it’ll be well worth it!

Stay tuned for my Mods Post coming soon, and be sure to let me know any strange or funny bugs you encountered playing Skyrim!

Maggie! x


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