Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks!

I am almost 27 weeks pregnant. I really don’t know where the time is going. At the time of writing this it is exactly one month away from Christmas. As soon as the festive hype dies down in January, the count down will really be on. Since my last update, baby has still been active as ever and now she really gets going when I’m speaking or if I eat certain things. It’s such an odd sensation, feeling all of that movement going on. It’s the hardest thing ever to describe! 

Mam & Baby Health

At 24 weeks, I went to the GP. If you’ve been pregnant you’ll know that it requires you to pee in a bottle, like every time. The test showed that I had signs of an infection, so my doctor sent the sample off to the lab to see if anything needed treating. A couple of days later she told me that the test did show some bacteria, but no infection that needed treating, so she got me to hand in another sample and that one was perfectly clear! That was a relief as I haven’t taken painkillers or antibiotics since I became pregnant, and I would prefer to keep it that way! (Now, mind you lots of things are safe to have in pregnancy, I’m just a bit of a worry worm when it comes to things passing through the placenta.) 

I also described the types of pain I was experiencing when I was active and she told me I had SPD (symphisis pubis dysfunction) and that I should get referred to physio when I go to my next appointment in the hospital. The pain is absolutely nasty and sometimes makes me feel a bit down. It’s like the most intense pressure on my pelvic bone and sometimes my inner thighs get pretty beat up too from it! Carrying a growing baby is actually a lot heavier than I expected it to be. It’s still not something I would trade for the world though. 

I also was put on iron supplements because I was finding it hard to sleep due to my legs being so restless. I know a lot of pregnant ladies suffer with restless legs and get put on various things but the iron has really done the job for me! 

Lastly, baby is all good. Her heartbeat was so strong and even and my bump felt the right size for how far along I am. It’s very reassuring to know all of this, combined with feeling her move around every day. 

Glucose tolerance test.

I got a letter last week for an appointment to to see if I have gestational diabetes. I’m not sure what factors really cause one person to be eligible over another to have these tests, but I am happy to have the test as it’ll be nice peace of mind. Basically, it just means I need to fast (for over 12 hours!) and have my bloods taken, then drink a drink I have heard is the nastiest tasting thing on the planet, wait, have more bloods taken, wait and then have more taken. Here’s to hoping these tests turn out good.

My bump!

6 Month feelings.

If only the hormonal aspect of pregnancy was easy! Some days I really do feel great. I have lots of energy and I’m very chirpy. Then there are those days where I just cry for like, nothing. I remind myself that it’s all going to be worth it, but sometimes it’s hard and it doesn’t help to be in pain either! I feel way more confident that baby is doing well, maybe it’s intuition? Everything just feels right. Even when I thought I had some kind of infection, I never got myself into a terrible panic over the baby, it just felt like she was okay in there! I do think I’ve been feeling more hormones in the last week and coming into the last trimester has a lot to do with it.

It’s not all bad hormones though, some days I feel very soppy and full of love for everyone! It’s odd because I’m not usually that sentimental, but again it’s something very welcome. I feel really grateful for anyone keeping up to date with my pregnancy or the people I’ve gotten to know over the last while who are expecting themselves. Sharing this pregnancy is so important to me because the happiness in it all is such a contrast to how 2018 started for me. Thank you all.  

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If you have been affected by baby loss or are struggling with a pregnancy after loss, know that you are not alone. Please comment or get in contact with me and I will pass on details to various helpful websites and organisations! 

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  1. Lanesha Gerron says:

    Aw you’re bump is adorable! Is this your first child? Sometimes I miss being pregnant and just the experience of birthing a child all the flutters kicks and movements is a beautiful thing enjoy the process and take care of yourself❤️

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