Pregnancy Weeks 13-14 & Some of my plans for new baby!

Last week was lovely for me. I found out my baby was free of any Neural Tube Defects & I also told the world I was expecting! I wanted to share this update into the last week and to talk a bit about some of the things I want to try during my pregnancy and beyond! 

Symptoms over the last week or so:

Before Now: To put it mildly, I don’t quite feel like shit anymore! I wasn’t sick that much for the first twelve weeks but I did feel very nauseous all the time. From week 8 onward I would experience these nasty cramps when I would be out walking and I basically felt 10x more unfit than I actually am! I spoke to the doctor about these pains and he told me they were more than likely hormone related. Damn hormones, they cause so much trouble! All of this meant that I was incredibly tired and achey and felt odd 24/7. 

Energy Levels: This week like clockwork I began to claim back some of my energy. I think it’s definitely a mix of moving out of the first trimester and also knowing that my baby was safe and healthy. I didn’t realise just how much my fear was troubling me. Now when I get exercise I feel fine! I get a bit of leg soreness but I am heavier than normal now. I don’t feel tired as much and honestly, sometimes I feel like I have even more energy than before I was pregnant. 

Boobie Talk & Hormones: My boobs are expanding fast and can be quite sore at times. I need to invest in a good bra very soon! On top of that, I get quite emotional and hormonal too. Sometimes I’m in a fantastic mood but then I just want to cry! To me, it’s like PMS x100. I accept that it’s all part of the process but Im not much of a crier, especially not happy tears, where did that come from? 

Cravings & Food no nos: This week it’s been a bit mixed. At the beginning it was crisps. Big old cheese & onion smelly crisps. I couldn’t get enough of them! In the last few days it’s been chocolate & biscuits. I have been nibbling on McVities Nibbles! I’ve been off pizza for a while and that hasn’t changed. I still can’t do eggs either! I also got the okay to have one coffee per day from my GP. I didn’t even allow myself straight coffee, I’ve been having sachet cappuccinos. I decided to try a normal coffee and nope. My body still rejects proper coffee. I shall stick to the frothy Nescafe Gold stuff until baby arrives so. 

Some plans for my pregnancy and beyond! 

I think every expecting mother has a few things they would like to do throughout their pregnancy and then when they enter motherhood! For me (& my boyfriend) finding out the gender is something we really would love. We do have a scan around week 17 and we hope they can tell us then. I do have my intuition but it feckin changes all the time! I was sure it was a boy for ages but my partner thinks girl. I was in Penneys yesterday and I swear I almost subconsciously bought some girly things too! I also had that Chinese predictor test say its a girl. Who knows though? I cannot wait to find out and reveal all to you guys! 

I also decided that a hospital birth is something I would like. I am very nervous in general this pregnancy and I feel like I would feel a lot safer with doctors all around me! I am not sure about pain relief yet though. Also, I have been reading people’s birthing stories (I know many recommend not to) but I can take it. Actually, I need to read it. I have no idea what to expect and I would prefer to get some realistic expectations of what birthing will be like. I know I’ve read a lot of things that seem so scary but I prefer knowing what’s possible and what some of the coolest mams out there went through to welcome their babies! 

I also decided quite early on in this pregnancy that I would try and breastfeed! When I was pregnant the first time I didn’t even consider it. I just said “nope, bottle”. I don’t know anyone who has breastfed so the idea of it seemed so alien. I don’t really understand what changed my mind, but this time it was actually important that I tried it. It definitely has something to do with losing our first baby but I can’t put my finger on what. I read an article from The Legacy of Leo (you may have seen on my Instagram Stories) about Pregnancy after loss that said being pregnant again can lead you to embrace new concepts and ideas. That’s the closest thing I have to an explanation! You can read the article here I feel like it will be good for me to try it. I read a great post when I first found out I was expecting from and it definitely helped me to cement my choice. I definitely feel like I will not pressure myself into it because I see nothing wrong with bottle feeding at all! If it doesn’t work out I will happily feed my baby formula. 

So there you have it, the last week in my pregnancy has been a tonne easier and I’m looking forward to the rest of the Second Trimester. Are you expecting? Let’s talk all things symptoms and cravings! 

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