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Self Care in an age of Self Doubt

We live in a weird time. We feel worse about ourselves than ever. A lot of that comes with seeing unrealistic images of grandeur plastered all over the internet. There’s nothing at all wrong with portraying a good version of your life online, sure we all do that. It’s just some people’s accounts of their lives happen to be way filtered. All you see is bright pink and puppies, and it can make your own life seem shabby grey.

Ireland is funny when it comes to self – care. I had been thinking this, but when I did some research on the topic, I found a very good article from The It talked about how self-care is seen more like loving yourself, and about how loving yourself is more of an insult to the Irish. I highly recommend giving this article a read, here. 

It’s like there’s a stigma surrounding looking after yourself body, soul and mind. Yet, we live in a country with some of the highest suicide rates. It doesn’t add up to me. It really does bother me how simple life changes can be seen as ‘new age hippy shit’. I’m nowhere near spiritual, new age or hippy. I just want to be happy in myself! There’s nothing wrong with that – I challenge you to dispute me on this.


Now, life can get very real sometimes. Work can be hard, relationships can too. Anything can really! So, I’m all about solutions, and right here I’ve decided to make this fun little graphic – to show you some little tips to caring for #1 more!


Self Care has its many benefits. Your impact on others around you will be astonishing. It’s one of the most spouted sayings, but if you love yourself other will too. You really need to start with yourself, trust me I learned this the hard way!

Like, look how easy it is. It’s things like not rushing to the shower – having a long bubbly bath instead. It’s taking a little break from social media when ‘Tammy Big Eyebrows’ moves into her Milkshake pyramid-scheme dream mansion. It’s starting small and taking a couple of steps to make sure you’re feeling okay. I wrote “Don’t be afraid to be selfish” but trust me, there’s nothing selfish about being refreshed and making sure you’re operating at 100%.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this post! Drop me a comment, and please feel free to share or Pin this graphic!

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