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Stress: What are we going to do about it?

It’s no secret we’re living in a very hectic and stressful age. We’re very busy people, struggling to relax in a rapidly changing world.

The weird thing about the levels of stress feel is we do not live in a period of intense world war, famine etc. live many of our ancestors. Yet, it does seem like we’re collectively more hyped – up than ever.

I could jump into the why’s of our stress; maybe social media has a part to play in all of this or something to that effect, I’m more interested in what we could and should do about it individually – just to make things a little easier on us all.

1. Baths, Lots of them

I really didn’t buy into the power of having baths to relieve stress, but consider me a convert – it really does work!

I’m not talking about a quick bath you have purely for washing. I mean hopping into the bath when it all gets too much. Bathing when stressed is something that puts your mind at ease. It’s a great form of escape from the real world, almost having the ability to stop time when you’re having one. Have the water on at your favourite temperature and prop your phone/tablet up somewhere safe. Listen to music or let the YouTube videos roll.

Having a shower is a much less time consuming process, but have a bath and let your mind be at ease for thirty minutes or so. Your brain and body will thank you for it!

2. StumbleUpon

A bit of light reading can do wonders for stress! I love reading on StumbleUpon as it’s very convenient and you can really tailor the content towards what you like.

I’m a bit of a fan of Conspiracies, so if something is causing me trouble like missing buses or having a totally hectic day, I can get totally lost in reading about Roswell or trying to figure out who killed JFK. (I really haven’t got too far in my search for answers, I doubt we’ll ever know for sure!)

3. A Walk in the Rain (Well, the rain is optional really!)

I hate a lot of things Hollywood has turned into a gross cliché, but this is an exception really.

Some of the most quiet and calming moments I’ve ever had have been out in the middle of the night with my boyfriend, with rain pouring down. It’s good for giving you that clarity. You weirdly are given, like, double the chance to think. It’s great for allowing you to formulate a solid plan, so that you end up feeling less stressed in the long run!

Depending on where you live, you should definitely layer up well until you feel toasty warm. Wear clothes that won’t soak through (a mistake I’ve made a lot). Don’t dare go out in the cold and rain without having a hot chocolate/coffee when you get back in. That’s a rule, that’s rule #1.

Everyone should try this at some stage – It’s an absolutely favourite of mine.

4. Slow Down

Doesn’t it seem like a lot of the reason we stress is down to this feeling of urgency or a sense of being in a rush?

Being in school or college can really bring this feeling about and sometimes you really just need to stop. If you’re too hard or are being crippled with study sometimes you will need to take it easy. To almost stop altogether for a while while you gather your bearings.

I know how counter-productive this sounds but trust me, everyone needs and deserves a break. Especially with school stress, let me tell you school is very important but your physical and mental health are more so. If that means you take a night or two of study, so be it! If you only study for an hour a night so you’re not too over-worked that’s fine! Don’t slack off altogether but don’t break yourself.

If you’ve got kids and that’s getting too much, don’t feel bad about getting them a babysitter while you relax yourself.

Whatever the situation may be, relax every now and then

The important thing is you feeling in the right frame of mind to work, to go to school, to look after your kids. No one is expected to be on 24/7, regardless of what people tell you to do – you know what’s best! Slow down and keep your mental/physical health in check.

5. Talk to Someone

Sometimes our daily stresses can manifest into something more. If you’re feeling consistently down for a period of time, talk to someone.

Let a friend or family member know what’s happening and ask them for advice.

You may need to seek professional help if things are becoming too much for you regularly.

Here are a list of services that can help you if you need them:

  1. (Ireland) SpunOut
  2. (UK) SupportLine
  3. (International) eCouch

Any thoughts? Let me know below!

Maggie x


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