Are We Supposed to Still Look Up to Hollywood?

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few weeks will have heard about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The amount of stories about this man’s conduct is enough to shake anybody to the core.

I will start off by saying there is certain aspects of this horrific scandal that I struggle with. Firstly, if the shock of hearing that such a pig was carrying out these acts wasn’t enough, it seems to have been one of Hollywood’s dirty little secrets for quite a while.

It seems a lot of dominant figures in Hollywood knew of Weinstein’s ‘sex pest’ nature. But I doubt a lot of the actors he abused didn’t – finding out literally when they would be invited back to the man’s room for “meetings” and such. Yes, he had tonnes of influence and sway over Hollywood but does conscience or morality not play a part in any of this? Could no one say anything until now? And I really do not mean the poor victims of him. I mean a lot of people who just seem to know about him, but kept quiet and frankly allowed it to continue in my opinion. 

In this article, People.com have actually compiled a list of people who say they knew about what he was up to.

I mean, there may be a lot of reasons why nobody spoke up against him and I probably live with my head up in the clouds but something could have been said, he could have been caught out sooner no?. My naivety runs away with me sometimes, but I’d like to think someone moving in those circles could have said something.

I’m heartbroken at how he abused his power, blackmailing women for sex by threatening to keep them out of roles, or luring them in saying it would grant them more lines in movies, better roles etc. Heartbroken for anyone he allegedly raped. I can’t imagine being given those as your options, but if we’re human for a second it’s easy to see what the only way out would have been, to give the man exactly what he wanted. You work for years to get to Hollywood, you can’t let it go now. I get that.

But then there’s people like Mayim Bialik. I get a lot of flak has been sent her way and I’m not here to totally sh*t on her, but what were you thinking with an article like that? I have zero respect for how that article was written. If you aren’t familiar, the article argues about how unconventional ideas of beauty don’t seem to be targeted by men like Weinstein.

Well, I read the article and got mad. 

I have never been sexually assaulted but I just thought “could you imagine being a victim of assault and reading this?” It felt like the women he hurt were being shamed because they were attractive by today’s standards and that’s not okay.

“As a proud feminist with little desire to diet, get plastic surgery or hire a personal trainer, I have almost no personal experience with men asking me to meetings in their hotel rooms.” – A quote from Bialik’s NY Times Op Ed piece. 

I’m sorry, but would you like a medal for that? Should any woman that does any of those things feel like they have to expect to be sexually harassed? That’s exactly what the piece seems to say. Predators like Weinstein only want power. He chose to prey on anyone he did because he knew he could. And yes, I understand an apology has been offered for the piece but it doesn’t wash with me, anyone under pressure to apologise is going to do so if they themselves want to continue their careers. To me, the piece sounded a lot like a supposed feminist making the ‘they wore this so they asked for that argument’ and those two things don’t mix.

Abusers usually don’t have a type and a lot of innocent people have been made to feel like crap because of opinions like this coming out of Hollywood. And this wasn’t the only controversial opinion on the topic, however it is the most notable as it really came from someone that should have been preaching the opposite message.

It really makes me wonder, do people expect us to look up to those making it big in Hollywood? There is so many things I could talk about that make me question this.

I speak for many when I say when I was younger I would be star struck by famous personalities and I would have loved to have been a famous actor or something, but the older you get the more you realise how fake an environment it is. How the name Tinsel Town really rings true.

I feel like so many actors were lured in with how nice it all seemed but really saw how dark it was at the hands of Weinstein and it’s kind of sad to think how the excitement of fulfilling your dreams can just be shattered like that, by being used in the worst way possible.

I’m at an impasse with Hollywood. I hate it for what’s happened at the hands of Weinstein, to name just one of the horrible practices there. I hate the horrible cover-ups and victim blaming that happened in the aftermath. The last time I was this shocked about the entertainment hub, I was learning about how the industry tried to ruin Dave Chappelle.

But this is the place most are supposed to look up to? Are you kidding me? 

I really do hope any Harvey Weinstein’s in Hollywood right now are shaking in their boots. I hope they get outed for what they are. How dare anyone use their power and influence to do this to so many? And don’t expect divine protection when the truth starts to come out. One you begin to lose your power, the people you’ve taken advantage of will begin to get theirs back. They deserve to name and shame, and for their voices to be heard.

How do you feel about this scandal? Let me know in the comments!

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