The Weekly Round-Up

The Good, the bad and the ugly this week from Twitter to the room from where I write this post!

I’m loving the old Twitter lately. It helps me to keep up with the blogging community and the news all in one! It’s also great for the odd drama now and then. This week has seen it’s fair share of weird, controversial Tweets from celebrities (or about them) so to start off, here’s some of the best, no, worst of those!

    1. Piers Morgan & Waccy Baccy

      Yeah, no love lost between me and this dickhead. I’m all for free speech but Morgan embodies everything wrong with entitled old men these days. He assumes in this, frankly loony, tweet that people who are anti-Trump are, well… Hippies? I don’t even know. But here’s the thing, I don’t like lentils, wear sandals or smoke weed so he’s fucked on that stereotype.

      Anyway, back to the point, he seems quite supportive of Trump who also said that Europe is losing itself because of immigration. That to me is just sickening. I will not ‘scweam’ though, I’ll just continue to note every cuntish thing you do. You’re on my shite list, and this Tweet steamrolled you into the top 3.

    2. Elon Musk & ‘that’ Pedo comment.We all know Musk as an inventor, but do we know him as a petulant, creepy child?I assume he must have deleted the Tweet, but it will forever be remembered – see look I have a screenshot right here. Okay, so I know it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is wrong with this post, but my god he has some cheek. The Thai Cave rescue took a serious amount of time and effort, and when one of the rescuers called Musk out for not using his super mega amazing submarine 5000, he got very defensive. Your tools weren’t needed so you see fit to insult someone who actually helped? Go throw your money elsewhere, lad. How dare you comment on where someone is from using a slur like ‘pedo’! I have no respect for people like this. Honestly, your true nature is showing and it’s ugly.

      Musk might consider himself an intellectual for being able to invent things, but I don’t think you’ve used much of that ‘brain power’ in these Tweets. Go invent yourself a filter for that nasty tongue, please.

    3. Henry Cavill can’t talk to women, guess why.Sometimes, someone can really take the biscuit. This is one of those times.

The fact that this is a quote and not taken seriously out of context is just plain creepy. Instead of thinking about how weird this sounds, I began to think of what you might possibly say to a woman to be considered a rapist or something. Short of saying “Hi Jane, I’m a rapist!” there isn’t many. It’s so absurd that this is an actual line of thought. If you flirt with a woman normally, why would you fear being called a rapist?

You didn’t pull a Charlie, did you? 

I didn’t think so.

I honestly think Cavill should evaluate how he does talk to women. He really shouldn’t have to be afraid and if he is, something is wrong here don’t you think?

4. Conor McGregor meets Putin, the… Great?

Does anyone remember when McGregor was a national treasure? I do. He came from social welfare and achieved so much fame, an inspiration. Then, he decided he’d show the world he was a bit of a scumbag. Homophobic slurs, for starters. He jumped into the ring when he wasn’t supposed to and got into a big fracas with the referee and I thought ‘okay, wow you’re a bit quick to anger, aren’t ya’, then there was that time he turned up to court wearing a bottle green matching tracksuit to court because he had a lie in. Then there was that time him and his buddies caused serious harm to a bus full of MMA fighters, injuring a few.

My opinion of him wasn’t so great after all of these incidents, but still, he managed to plummet a bit further in my standing.

Putin is a great leader, is he?

Because where I come from (evidently the same place as you, you big eejit) totalitarianism, murder, suppression of LGBT rights and so, SO much more aren’t that great.

You’re forgetting how much freedom you have coming from a democracy. You’d not get away with half of the stunts you pull in a place like Russia. Putin is not a great leader, let alone someone you’d have your son look up to. I don’t know what money did to you, sir, but it ain’t going to last forever.

More like Notorious gobshite. 

5. Trump walks in front of the Queen of England

So, Trump didn’t actually tweet that he did this but I’m sure you’ve seen the photos by now. The fact that it’s the Queen definitely matters, but to me, it’s about being with an elderly woman whom you decide to cut off like that. It’s plain disrespect.

I can’t help but think if it was a man you’d be more hesitant to. It’s not always about sexism but with Trump, it feels like it is. He also said he feels unwelcome in the UK because of the protests that are taking place. HA. This is what the world’s opinion of you is.

You’re a bit of an orange joke, a dangerous joke because of the power you wield but a joke all the same. You’re orange and your wife hates you and you probably will not get four more years and we’ll all have a big laugh at your expense.

You aren’t making America great again, you’re showing the world you should’ve just stayed on The Apprentice. That balloon has more respect from me than you do.

That’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed my commentary on these weird and floppy things that happened this week. Leave me a comment below and we can discuss these fails. I’ll definitely be doing more posts like this in the future.

My aim going forward with blogging is to speak my mind some more, and let more of my personality shine through so I did really enjoy writing this!

All thoughts welcome,

Maggie x

Apologies for some editing issues on this post, I recently changed my font and it conflicted with the previous design. Future posts will be fine, I just can’t get rid of the odd error from this one! 

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  1. Twitter is Weird sometimes. I really don’t understand Elon. Great post though 🙂

  2. I don’t either! I thought he was a nice guy before it. Thanks so much for your comment I’m glad you liked it X

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