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Things to get you Annoyed by 11am

Okay, who else is a bit of a grouch before their morning coffee? I’ll raise both hands right now because that’s me.

If I’m home and have nothing to do, I’m sweet as pie but it’s those busy days that get me. You wouldn’t believe the amount of things that can tick a person off when they have places to be. Now pair that with no coffee and you have yourself a monster in the making!

See how many of these annoying little things get on your nerves, share your own stories in the comments!

1. Only One of You is Buying Something?

The other day I had a bus to catch. It was early enough so I was flustered and in a rush. I had a present for my dad’s birthday in one hand and some not-so-healthy deli chicken in the other. I was in a shop that had quite a weird layout and I saw a group about 12 strong just clogging up the isle.

Any other day, with coffee already in my system, I’d have actually accommodated for them and gone around.

I just looked across to the other way to the shop counters and saw it was clogged up that end too by the same group. A loud and obnoxious group that were literally filling the shop, ranting and raving about beer bongs, huge bags on some of their backs. I walked by them and not one person made an attempt to let me by. I mean, I know I’m no one of importance and I don’t expect people to part like the Red Sea for me, but like, if I have no room whatsoever to move to the shop counters, maybe move aside for me to get by!

But that’s not even the worst bit.

These people were actually in the line!! Facing all kinds of ways talking to each other, they were in the queue to the counters. (Weirdest queue I’ve ever seen). Two or three of them filed out of the shop to outside when they saw others lining up, but even then they were clogging up the entrance. A large portion of them still remained in line and to my disgust, one person was actually buying. One guy was buying a coffee. They all left in their herd and I was able to get on with things.

I was just not able. Like if they were customers I could justify it but are we living in some kind of age were a person can’t even go into a shop alone anymore, without their entourage? Just don’t bring ALL of your cronies when you buy a coffee please, I have a bus to catch, c’mon.

2. Get Back to Class(y)

Let me take you back to a dull day full of rain and cold. I got caught in a shower and I asked my mam for some spray/perfume just incase I started to amass some BO. I had (again) to be on a bus and I was so grateful that I smelled like fruit and flowers and happy girly smells.

Way short-lived.

Enter some school students. I’m only going 21 so I have almost zero right to egg on students but these were your students from hell let me tell you. The smell of flowers soon became the smell of salt + vinegar. Not the crisp kind, and it was worse because I actually like salt and vinegar crisps.

Now, anyone could argue I was eavesdropping but this bus was virtually empty and they sat all around me… Yeah I was eavesdropping too.

There was two males and a female. Guess who was trying to impress who? Various conversations were happening between and honestly it wasn’t anything worth listening to but then I learn they’re playing hookie from school, if you will. They were ‘mitching’. Decided they’d go to the city for the day while leading their parents to believe they were elsewhere. I wasn’t shocked, people do that all the time in fact, I was kind of amused. Then I started hearing things like “we can’t go here incase the teachers see us” and other statements that gave the impression these guys might have been rookies at this game.

I must’ve been way wrong.

The next thing I know, I’m hearing these guys have been kicked off of a previous bus. They didn’t really seem like that type to me, but as soon as they started talking along these lines I knew the type of group I was dealing with.

But guess what pissed me off?

It was the lengths the two “gentlemen” were going to make this girl like them or whatever.

The talk of the bus incident was lengthy. The girl asked what would happen if they got the same bus driver again. Both guys decided they wanted to get the bus driver again as he said he would ‘remove them by force’. (At this point I feel bad for the poor bus driver because to kick someone off a bus, means they’re being absolute nightmares!)

Here’s what one guy said: (To the girl) “If we get that driver again, you go ahead of us in the line, he can touch us but if he touches you it’s rape

And they were all pissing themselves laughing. Like I’m not sure what annoyed me more, that they thought that was funny or that they have no idea what constitutes as rape. Learn how to function in public. This is why no one likes students! If you’re acting the fool, expect to be removed from buildings, buses etc. Don’t go down that disgusting route.

3. Big Bursting Bags

Rain is my enemy. I like when it’s raining and I’m inside, but when I’m out in it everything is against me!

So, paper bags and rain really don’t mix. I was walking along, large bag in hand when the rain started to pour and within a minute my bag began to disintegrate. I started rushing to a Poundshop to buy a sturdy bag in time before it finally gave in. I was almost there. About twelve paces away and all of my stuff poured out onto the ground.

Shout out to the two gossiping women that glanced my way and then continued talking as I tried to scoop up all the things I had bought that were getting wet and dirty. A passer asked if I was okay, I appreciated that but my pride wasn’t going to say no.

I made my way slowly to the Poundshop. Embarrassed doesn’t even begin to cover how I was feeling. I went to the shop and bough a big plastic re-usable bag and had to get onto the floor in the shop and start transferring everything from my broken bag to the new one. A shop worker asked if I needed another bag because it seemed like my things wouldn’t fit.

Oh, I made sure they all fit. I was not getting another bag to add to my load.

And these are just three selections of things that’ll get my goat when I’m not prepared and coffee feuled. What get’s you all flustered when you’re out in public? I’d love to hear your stories! 

Maggie x



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