Things I Never Knew About Blogging Part Two


I  once wrote a post about Blogging, and what I didn’t know about it. At that time, I wasn’t very experienced at it but I knew it was something I would continue doing. Every year as trends change and the industry changes, you realise there is a lot to learn about blogging and you are never fully there – You never know it all!

Here are some more things I Never Knew About Blogging, updated to suit 2017.


1. You can take breaks & come back!


I find it hard to blog consistently and found myself away from the blog for well over six months. I wanted to blog again but I did find myself in a state of panic. Would anyone read it now? Would I put effort in again? But panic not. Having an absence of a few months, should not deter you from getting back into the thing you love!

Before I started writing again, I read this post about making an awesome comeback and it really did inspire me. I can’t thank the author enough as I was sure it was curtains for my blog!


2. You can change your style/niche!


Forget what you’ve heard. I hear so much about sticking to one style or niche. But if we’re honest, everyone loves a change! Our likes and dislikes change and you might find you are sick to death of writing about something, so write about something different for a change! Try to bring another audience to the table. Just experiment and see how it goes!


3. Good Photos pack a punch, whatever the source!


Visuals make the blog in 2017. Your Photos need to be eye catching! Don’t panic if you can’t wrap your head about photography. At the end of the day stock images will work just as well. (Just make sure you choose royalty-free or own the rights) If you want your blog to have even more style, try using a similar style/colour scheme for all of your photos!


4. Competitions Bring in Numbers! 


Getting readers to your blog is tough! The struggle is real but it can be helped along by a competition or two. Competitions enhance blogging by giving potential readers a reason to remember you. Tailor your competition to your blogging style and get people sharing your content! Of course, not everyone who takes part will become a life long reader, but you will definitely increase the amount of traffic you get.


5. Light and Bright does it Right!


It’s tough to find a style for your blog, one you don’t want to change every few days. The one thing I’ve always found blogging is light, white blogs are the most pleasing! A minimal style with only two or three colours works so well, especially over the past year or so. It’s a very easy to maintain style and will be a sure winner with followers! I’ve tried so many different styles, but I always come back to the minimal style. It’s so much easier to read an uncluttered blog!


Blogging is always rapidly changing, it’s so easy to get stuck in the safety zone of what your used to, but learning to keep up to date with trends will benefit you and your blog in the long run! 2018 will surely see me learn a lot more about it and I look forward to presenting Part 3! 

Maggie x


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