Things I Want to do in 2018!


As we reach the end of 2017, I have mixed feelings. Like almost everyone I have been talking to recently, it feels as though this year flew by all too fast and I can’t help thinking I haven’t done enough this year.

I began blogging again in October after a lengthy spell away, and often times I feel guilty for abandoning it. I absolutely love writing. Doubting my ability definitely contributed to it, and numbers became too important.

I don’t want to make the same mistakes in 2018. I want to start a nice clean slate. I can be so under motivated sometimes, I need a good boot up the arse, so I’m going to set myself some goals and lay them out right here, for all you readers to see! The thought of others knowing what I have set out to do is sure to put the spark under me!

1. Bullet Journal my heart out!

I made a gorgeous bullet journal earlier this year, then I never used it. I actually can’t stop kicking myself because it required a lot of work and got tucked into a drawer never to be seen again.

This year, I want to try again, but work even harder at it! I’m going to invest in a nice fancy notebook and some cool pens and create something that’ll get me very organised! I will also be documenting my progress here on the blog, hoping to inspire bullet journal keepers with my designs!

2. Create Pinterest worthy craft items!

I love crafting. I enjoy creating something from scratch, the mess and cleaning up involved – it’s all so fun to me. I’ve always been really passionate about book binding and I’ve said so many times I want to bring it to my blog – so this year I’m going to take the plunge. I want to get people creating handmade gifts and items, there’s something so much more fulfilling about making something; money just can’t buy.

I would love to maybe even branch out into selling a couple of my creations!

3. Learn to do Makeup better!

If there’s one thing I won’t mince, I cannot do my makeup well. It’s something I like to do but find myself never looking how I had hoped. There’s so much skill involved and I’m just not that good at it.

If there’s one thing I want to do this year, I would love to learn to make myself up the correct way, tailoring to my acne/oil prone skin.

Again, this is something I want to share with you guys, I’m sure I’m not the only one that could use a helping hand right?

I plan on talking to some skilled MUA’s for advice and taking on board all of the steps, without trying to cut corners like I usually do!

4. Document a trip!

I haven’t been on a trip either within Ireland or outside in ages! This is something I really want to remedy in 2018. I’m planning on doing a little scrimping and saving to be able to have a little break away and take lots of pictures in the process!

I actually think it’s quite important for everyone to get away for a while. A little refreshing is good for the mind!

I lust after travel blogs way too much, definitely need to remedy my itchy feet in the new year!

5. Grow a bit of a following!

This one feels so cheesy. I’ve been trying to gain a steady audience of readers and it’s been quite a hard task.

For 2018 I will definitely be more consistent in my blogging and social media so that I can get return readers and amass a little following across my social media platforms.

I would love to host little competitions and share advice with others as it would really be rewarding with the type of blog I set out to write.

6. Read More!

I got an Amazon Kindle Fire for my 21st birthday in November (a little gift from me to me, courtesy of an Argos deal!) and I really would love to get more into reading!

I get totally lost in a good book. This has been left by the wayside in favour of aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook timeline. I really want to cut this nasty habit out, for the sake of my attention span at least!

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by Amazon’s free books and just how many of them there are. I want to really explore what great books are out there.

7. Start Learning that Language again!

I learned French in school from first year all the way to my Leaving Cert. I fell in love with it, how it sounded, how it was structured.

I did keep learning some of it after I left school even! I want to get back into learning it and become more fluent.

It’d make me so happy to be able to converse with a native speaker, and for it to go well! In 2018 hope to utilise language learning courses and Smartphone apps like Duolingo and as with all of my goals, I hope to update you on my progress!

Goals are inpsiration!

I really should not have neglected the importance of setting goals before! Goals are really important for keeping you on the right track, especially if you struggle with motivation like I do! In 2018, I hope to fulfill these goals I have set out, as well as those that will pop up throughout the year!

As someone who would like to one day be able to be a full time blogger, I need to devote so much more attention to my blog, and I plan on setting myself quite a rigid set of tasks to keep me in line!

I’m almost secondarily on a mission to get more and more people blogging in 2018 also, so let’s see how that pans out!

I’m really looking forward to the next year in blogging!

I hope to hear about what goals you have for 2018! I would absolutely love to hear them in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Things I Want to do in 2018!”

  1. Hi Maggie,

    I definitely want to also get my crafty side out in 2018 too!
    My pinterest is Jetsetting Bombshell Blog if you would like to support one another.

    I think making goals is super important. Happy New Year!

    Joanna x

  2. Love this Maggie! Quite inspiring, I can’t wait for 2018 goals!

  3. Thank you so much! Hope it’s a good year for you! XX

  4. Thanks so much for your comment! Would love to follow you on Pinterest, I’m @maggiethemuser! Have a great 2018! XX

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