Are You Using Your Authentic Blogging Voice?

Blogging has become such a popular hobby. People have even managed to quit their day jobs to pursue blogging full time! Unfortunately however, this means the blogging market is pretty over-saturated and blogger’s are expected to go above and beyond to gather readers! When I began blogging, I got about 10-12 views on all of my blog posts. I was delighted, of course, but I did want to expand the amount I gathered. I searched and searched for what was going wrong and one piece of advice really stood out to me.

Don’t be so sterile.

You’re talking to other people right? Of course, but what’s the correct way to do this? Should you sound official like a medical website? Or should you speak to your readers in short-hand text talk for example: Hey, what u up 2? 

No and double no. You can’t sound too formal, you’re not trying to sound like you’re above anyone. You also can’t speak in shorthand because your audience is still expecting you to sound a little professional. So, you’re really looking for this magical middle ground. It sounds tough, I struggled a lot with it! But simply put, you need to type/ a bit more like how you speak, y’know?

Always try to maintain the best grammar and spelling that you can but be personal!

Being personal is something that is tough for some writers and a breeze for others. I am a private person so I found it tough to talk about myself to strangers, but it gets easier the more you try. Your audience will appreciate hearing you speak truly. Making them feel as you are talking personally to them is so important for trying to get readers back to your blog!

To help bring a little personality into your blogging, why not try some of these blog post ideas! 


  • 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me
  • A story from days in Secondary/High School
  • My first pet and why they meant so much to me
  • My First Love (good or bad stories!)
  • My favourite comfort foods
  • Times I was knocked down but got back on my feet!


A few posts about yourself and you will see some significant changes in your writing style. Don’t feel like you’re boasting or being arrogant just because you’re blogging about yourself – it helps with your engagement rather than taking from it.

Blogging can be so rewarding, but comes with challenges. It can be a pain to write for so long only to wonder why you still aren’t getting any views, but using your authentic blogging voice will help! Readers will begin to remember your blog and getting them back to it is the key to good engagement!

I hope you enjoyed this Advice post, let me know if you have any feedback, I enjoy reading and responding to your comments!

Maggie x

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