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A Welcome Return to Blogging & New Direction

Making more comebacks than Cher.

How many times have I fell off the Blogging wagon now; Three? Four even? I hope out there in the Blogosphere I have a reader left. Shout out to you, wherever you may be!

My main problem is always motivation, but it was ALL my fault!

I absolutely adore blogging, I always will, but I did try to encompass too many aspects of blogging at the one time. I saw blogs saying to refine a special aspect, to have a set few topics and I scoffed! I could do it all right? Haha, no. I burn out too easily! I was absolutely on a roll writing post after post for a short while but a few weeks in and the well had already run dry. I knew which posts I loved the most, but I tended to shy away from them in favour of what everyone else was up to at the time.

But I’m no trend setter. I can’t get into the latest beauty/fashion trends or any of that, it’s not really my scene. I adore so many lifestyle bloggers and I took a lot of inspiration but my heart wasn’t in that side of blogging full time. I’d like to dip in and out of posts like that but for the most part, I really just wanted to put my thoughts out there. So much goes on around the world on a day to day basis and I thought about how much I wanted to open up conversations with readers, to share opinions with others, to debate the way of the world.

As weird as it sounds, I really did not feel like my blogs in the past were ever a true reflection of me, and I want to re-invent my blog (for the millionth time) with a different mindset. I immediately saw writing blog posts as almost a chore and I realise now, that meant I should have probably been blogging about something else!

So, where to next?

Over the next little while, I plan on focusing my content. I love blogging about blogging so I will have a dedicated section for discussing writing online and giving out as many tips as possible to anyone in this industry!

I will be driving my blog more towards articles I feel are important, things I feel strongly about and so on. I aim to give readers an honest and unfiltered view on things happening on this crazy planet right now! I hope to entertain my readers with exciting content and open up dialogue with anyone that shares an opinion, or disagrees with mine!

There will be some journal pieces and some random thought pieces and with that some larger opinion pieces, because I’ve always been someone with too much of one, let’s face it! But hey, as someone said; (I have no idea who, or when!) Play to your strengths!

I am really excited about profiling some famous people I find inspiring! I hope you will find them equally as noteworthy as I do!

I’m always open to suggestions so feel free to drop me a line in the comments section!


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