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Where to find Creative Writing Ideas when you feel Burned Out

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all live in a world where we were constantly booming with ideas? Sadly, creative burn out is something that happens to us all, regularly. As someone who is trying to write a a work of fiction, I find it incredibly hard to stay motivated and keep on top of my writing goals.

Not only am I in charge of creating a whole universe that will fit itself into three or four hundred pages, I also have to develop full lives for my characters! I need to keep them on the right path, so’s not to have them become boring.

Basically, there’s a lot of things to be thinking about at once, and my mind goes to mush when I think about it all for too long.

I’m sure you know the struggle, especially if you’re trying to write your first 100,000 words!

So, what can we do to jump start our motivation and hop back on that creative train?

1. Read Writing Blogs

You’re currently on the Writing section of my blog. I write about various different things that interest me in life, and writing happens to be one of those! However, I really recommend reading some dedicated blogs for writers, by writers!

Blogs by established or published authors tend to dish out the most solid, honest advice.

I recommend from Novelist Chuck Wendig. It’s witty and will definitely get you in the mood to do some writing of your own!

I also have a lot of love for The Fake Redhead! This is a blog from great writer and it’s very resourceful with lots of writing prompts to help you get ideas

2. Pinterest

I am a Pinterest-addict at this point. I absolutely love it though! I use it for blogging, fashion and food resources – but it’s like a gold mine for writing too!

All you need to do is search up ‘writing tips’ and you will be amazed at the amount of help that is out there! There are some amazing infographics to help you strategise your book, or if you are writing a crime-thriller, there are some fantastic posts with different weapon/crime types that will be invaluable to you.

I am currently writing in the fantasy genre, so I wasn’t sure how Pinterest could help me, but I ended up with ideas I never even knew I needed!

I have a Pinterest board especially for writing resources! It’s packed with all sorts of bits and pieces to help you get the most out of your writing sessions.

Why not check out some of the Pins in my board:

3. YouTube

If you want a more audio – visual experience, YouTube has an amazing list of videos to help you with your writing journey!

You can even learn from Mr Stephen King himself! 

Videos on writing isn’t something I’ve ventured much into, but I do think it’s something I am going to try. Expanding on how you learn more about writing is something everyone should do, to keep from burning out – too much reading can lead to boredom, too much video can lead to the want to read… and so on.

Don’t let yourself burn out too soon!

I have discarded many a piece of writing because I experienced a burn out. Some days when you set out to write, the best thing you can do is try to learn instead. Try to plan out your story some more, come up with a strategy to get your ideas from your head to paper. See what other writers have to say about their own experiences! Create a sounding board for all of your inspiration. Do something related to your writing, but don’t feel guilty that you haven’t written actual words to your story. You write at your best when you’re feeling it, you know?

Take a little break from writing and go back into it with a mind full of fresh ideas.

And remember, coffee is your friend. Always have a good coffee at your side.

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