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Why Instagram is so Important to Bloggers

I often wonder – why do I need to bother with Instagram? In a sense, it is an invaluable asset to a blogger but it truly is hard to master. The more I think about it the more I realise it really stands out as the best way to engage with your blog following and potential readers of your blog!

But here’s my dilemma, and I’m going to be straight up about this – I really should have started a new Instagram account when I started taking blogging seriously. I have had this account for a good few years now, leading back to when I was in my mid teens! I used to be a huge fan of a band, and their following or lets face it fangirls, would have follow trains and the like on Instagram which was cool at the time! It gave low self esteem me a lovely little boost to see myself with a little following – but lots of these accounts that follow me are unused back ups with boy band picture profiles! My ratio isn’t how I’d like it to be at all, but I’ve come too far to start from scratch.

As a compromise though, I’m slow tidying away followers that aren’t genuine. I honestly don’t feel bad ‘losing’ these followers. I want to know the people that follow me do so for my content and not just because of dormant accounts.

I’ve done a LOT of research about the gram. I found this gorgeous blog a great source of info about it! So much so that I’ve been setting myself some challenges for the last few weeks, to see how much engagement I actually can muster.

Remember, my goal is ultimately to get readers to my blog – but I also love Instagram and how personal it can be! I love seeing glimpses into other peoples’ lives! 

I took on the idea of the aesthetic a while ago. I use the plain ol’ Aden filter on my photos and I try to maintain that lovely colour balance as much as I can! I have gotten so many lovely compliments about how my profile looks. I’ve also put more time into some of my captions. What you won’t see much of on my account is screenshot bits and pieces from my blog. That’s a mistake I used to make a lot but it breaks up the account too much and I do think people find it a bit messy. Instead, I use my Insta Stories for that! It’s a brilliant tool in my opinion. I didn’t always think like that, I was turned off of Instagram when it was rolled out – but not for too long! I post random things and it gets me a nice bit of engagement.

Now, doing all of this is great but it’s nothing without engaging with your following! And it’s simple, a comment or like here or there is great! If the situation calls for it, why not send a positive message?

Blogging is a highly competitive business, but it’s just that – don’t let that put you off following other bloggers and admiring their work. Learn from them but don’t copy. See what works! Find a blogger you admire challenge yourself to become a blogger someone else will admire!

Instagram and blogging just go hand and hand. Think of it as a blogger’s best friend. If you put time into your Instagram, your followers will be lead to your blog with time – they’ll begin to notice you have something genuine to say, and they will stick around. You’ll show a different dimension to yourself as a blogger! It takes time, I’m learning that right now too! But staying consistent with it the results will come.

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