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Why you need to get real about your blog – and love it fully!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately. I’ve made a LOT of mistakes with it.

The thing about it is, I fed myself a lot of lies about it. I made it seem, in my own mind, like it would just grow alone and one day I’d wake up with a great big following. It doesn’t work like that at all though, does it?  So, I coasted along for months with this line of thinking and nothing happened. I didn’t grow, my readers fell – sometimes I got less than ten views.

I bought a domain and posted nicely for a few months but then I just stopped dead.

Coming back to blogging wasn’t easy because any connections I had made before I stopped blogging were basically gone. I posted away though, I just didn’t feel like anything clicked. Blogging felt like a chore, I didn’t even know what to write about!

But now, I’m more motivated than ever! My readership is climbing steadily and I’ve been working on my blog every single day, I’ve reinvigorated my design and much more. Read on to find out exactly how to get real about your blog and how in turn, you’ll just love it so much more!

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When do you post?

Do you post, say, every few months or very irregularly? If so, stop right there.

Let’s talk readers. They want to hear from you more! Think about it, if someone has come to your blog to read something, they will likely come back to hear from you again. But you’ve disappeared and now they’ve got no more to read! So, three months later you post a lovely, lengthy post but that reader has no idea. It’s a shame because they probably would have loved it.

Let me ask you why you began blogging? Do you still love it like you used to? If so, let’s get real for a moment.

You’ve gotta post more, like please post more!

I never believed in the thinking that the more you post, the more successful your blog will be. I should have listened because it’s so true! Since I started posting at least once a week, I’ve grown a small little clan of people that read my blog when I post – how cool is that! It’s the stability in your blogging that will have people coming back.

If you want to blog, all you need to do is post, post, post.

I’m actually going to blog more than once a week soon because I’ve compiled a big list of challenges for myself to try and that’s one of them. If you need structure to keep motivated, why not do the same?

The cut and dry of it is – if you want to be a blogger, you need to post regularly. It can be every day, every week, every month etc. It is the tried and trusted, number one, creme de la creme dish of being a blogger. It just doesn’t work to be too absent.

I’m not saying quit blogging if you can’t do these things, I’m saying commit! Post more and share the great things you have to share!

Have you been ready for site ownership for a while?

There’s no real right time to buy your own custom domain and web hosting. You can buy it from the get go! But sometimes your blog becomes ripe for the change.

You’ve got to pick that fruit, you need to get your domain set up for a few reasons which I shall list for you:

  • It’s a small chance, but someone somewhere might have that same name in mind that you spent hours maybe even longer brainstorming. You leave it for just a couple of months longer than you planned and boom – it’s been taken!
  • As cut-throat as it sounds, it’s just more professional. A .blogspot or .wordpress domain is a great stepping stone, but once you commit to your blog buying your domain is so important. It starts to establish your brand and if you’re looking to work with companies through your blog it’ll make them stand up and take notice!
  • Owning your own site allows for so much more freedom. And we all need that! You can customise so much more when you own your website. My site is run through wordpress.org and there’s a whole world of plugins and themes to explore – most of which you can tailor to suit you!
  • Your site technically belongs to Google/Wordpress. You’re in charge of your blog, true, but you’re never it’s true owner. There’s been talks of blogs miraculously getting purged from blogger which did scare me when I had a blogger blog. Becoming self-hosted means you’ll likely end up with customer care from whoever you buy from and they are on hand to ensure it stays up and running!
  • Owning your own blog means higher search rankings! 

Have you mastered SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation – how I loathe you. You are one tough cookie to get the hang of.

But unfortunately for us bloggers – an important one. If this is the first time you’ve heard of SEO, you’ll likely be staring into the abyss like “what in the f*ck is that?”. I was anyway! Luckily, SEO is beautifully explained by the sits girls right here so you can get learn about it and started on it today!

And, if you’re on WordPress you need to let Yoast SEO into your life – it makes everything so much easier!

(Pause!! Just a little note to say I’m not affiliated with Yoast or anyone else mentioned I’m just plugging things I love to use – to help others!)

Putting SEO time into your blog will transform it into a powerhouse. It’ll get you right on your way to more traffic and organic referrals.

Evaluate Yourself!

Do you actually want to write a blog? Are you willing to invest hundreds of hours into it? To research your target market and figure out exactly what you want to write about?

If yes, I salute you. We’re in this crazy, over-saturated but amazing boat together. And we can make it too, by just giving 100% and being honest with ourselves about our achievements and what we aim to achieve.

Getting real just means getting busy. You’ll love the work you do when you see that it’s paying off! Unfortunately, to get it to pay off there’s a lot of things that need to be thought about carefully – but you can do it! Keep tweaking it. If you still aren’t completely happy with it make changes! Read Pinterest articles about blogging, connect with other bloggers, read blogs to see what they’re up to (Not to copy but to be inspired)!

Blogging can be anything you want it to be – don’t be afraid to experiment, you’ll find the right fit!

Did you like my tips? Which ones will you be trying? Let me know in the comments!

Maggie x


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