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How I write a Blog Post – Some Realistic Advice!


Hey everyone, today I’m back with a post about how I write my blog posts! I’ve read lots about how to write the perfect blog posts and I must confess – I can never stick to anything I read! The advice given is always great and so helpful but in reality – I’m a bit of an unmotivated sod. I write blog posts all the time, but I do break a lot of rules to do so. Like what, you ask? Well, find out below!

I have been blogging for over a year now and in that whole time I think I have drafted three posts. Three.

Writers since the beginning of writing know that to write something good you need to draft and then draft again, but I just can’t. Believe me I’ve tried everything but I can’t stick to a plan! I do read back over my posts, of course but most of the time I go straight to the WordPress ‘Add Post’ section and begin writing.

Usually most of my ideas will come to me throughout my writing session. I read it and make sure I haven’t missed anything important and then I work on finding the right image and adding in all of the fine SEO details needed! (I will do a post on how I look after SEO very soon!)

But that’s not all I do differently. I also force myself to write, like really force myself. Getting real, I find it hard to stick to my editorial calendar, just as much as the next person. Some days the motivation just isn’t there and I end up giving myself a cheeky day off when I know I shouldn’t. (Who else is guilty of this?)

To combat this I find a few times a week where I try to bring myself into ‘writing mode’. What I do is, I sit down and just force myself to write something, anything! Most of the time I manage to write something usable, the writing mood must kick in half way through! I do swear by forcing myself to write a few times a week, even if I don’t get a full blog post out of it. I always write something I can use and make better some other time.

This is definitely improving my writing in general. The more I write, the more of a habit it will become and the easier it will be. It’s definitely not the most conventional way to write, and it could be argued that forcing yourself to write content might not result in very good quality stuff,

But the point I’m trying to make is: 

Sometimes in Blogging you’re going to feel more comfortable breaking the rules, or going against the norm. I think that’s okay, as long as it works for you! There’s so many blogging formulas out there that you can follow but sometimes you need to create a formula of your own, and if it makes writing blog posts easier then I’m all for it!

If you don’t want to use Pinterest for your marketing even though so many people recommend it, that’s totally your choice. Never do anything you’re not totally comfortable with or invested in, this only hurts your blog! Take full creative control of your blog, especially if it works for you! Always experiment and try new things to spice things up too, you may find better methods of working on your blog.

Blogging is something you should love and enjoy, prioritize the ‘fun’. Make Blogging your own!


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